American Missionaries Largest Export to Uganda: Homophobia

American Missionaries Largest Export to Uganda: Homophobia (via

On February 24th, 2014, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed and enacted the controversial anti-gay legislation which introduced harsher penalties; initially, it proposed a death sentence for repeat offenders. Condemnation for the law streamed in…

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Poland’s Catholic Church Slammed On Sex Abuse and Rationalization That Children Are Partly To Blame

Poland’s Catholic Church Slammed On Sex Abuse and Rationalization That Children Are Partly To Blame (via World Religion News)


In Warsaw, the capital of Poland, the leader of Poland’s Catholic Church was strongly condemned when he appeared and said that children are partially responsible for their being abused by the priest. Archbishop Jozef Michalik who is the head of the…

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Scientology – The Truth About Xenu

L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard

For those who still don't believe that Ron wrote about Xenu, here is proof.  Written in his own hand in the OT data.



Data (1)       (1)

The head of the Galactic 
Confederation (76 planets around 
larger stars visible from here) 
(founded 95,000,000 yrs ago, very space opera) 
solved overpopulation (250 billion 
or so per planet — 178 billion on 
average) by mass implanting. 
He caused people to be brought to 
Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H Bomb 
on the principal volcanoes (Incident 2) 
and then the Pacific area ones 
were taken in boxes to Hawaii 
and the Atlantic Area ones to 
Las Palmas and there "packaged." 
His name was Xenu. He used 
renegades. Various misleading 
data by means of circuits etc. 
was placed in the implants. 
When through with his crime Loyal Officers 
(to the people) captured him 
after 6 years of battle 
and put him in an electronic 
mountain trap where he still 
is. "They" are gone. The place (Confed.) 
has since been a desert.


8-year-old girl dies for her faith

8-year-old girl dies for her faith (via



I can barely write the words – an innocent 8-year-old girl has succumbed to abuse inflicted on her in the name of Christian cult. Christiana Glenn was almost rescued from her horrible fate by her loving godparents. Almost. The mother, Venette Ovilde…

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Dangerous Sex Cult Taking Hold In U.S. Possible Scientology Connection?

Gregorian Bivolaru with two of his followers

Gregorian Bivolaru with two of his followers

It calls itself the “Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute” — or MISA — and is reputedly the largest “yoga” movement in Europe, claiming some 40,000 members in more than a dozen countries. But it’s actually a dangerous personality cult whose “supreme spiritual leader,” Gregorian Bivolaru, has been accused of coercing or seducing hundreds of vulnerable women into producing hard-core porn videos, abandoning their spouses, and in some cases, becoming strippers and prostitutes — all in the name of “liberating” the female body and bringing MISA members into intimate communion with the “Divine Goddess.”

On its face, the group might sound like an obvious fraud, even a criminal one. But it has escaped prosecution to date, in part because Bivolaru, who first founded MISA in his native Romania in 1990, was persecuted under communist rule. For years many of his countrymen, including influential members of the Romanian elite, as well as human rights groups like Amnesty International, have treated Bivolaru as a “victim” worth defending. Thousands of Romanians have marched and protested on MISA’s behalf, and after the communist regime fell, and the new authorities still decided to arrest him — this time, on sex crime charges — Bivolaru somehow escaped from prison and wound up in Sweden. There, after what most independent observers consider a sham investigation, the Swedish government granted him political asylum.

The full extent of MISA’s alleged criminal activities may never be known. However, based on testimony from group defectors — first presented on the website, — MISA’s development parallels that of other, more notorious yoga cults. One obvious forerunner is the movement surrounding the Indian mystic Bhagwan Rajneesh (aka “Osho”) that flourished in the late 1980s, just as MISA was getting started. Bivolaru, like Rajneesh, has claimed a special channel to the Divine Source that endows him with God-like powers, including the ability to channel spiritual energy and telepathic insights to his followers via mass gatherings and virtual “hook ups” that appear intended to induce MISA followers to surrender their will and identity — and in some cases, their life savings — to their beloved “guru.”

In the early days of MISA, according to charges filed with Romanian prosecutors, Bivolaru and his chief lieutenants were known to engage in sex with underage girls, some in their early teens. (In fact, Bivolaru himself took one of those teenage girls as a lover and ersatz spouse, and she still accompanies him). However, as the group expanded to Scandanavia and the UK, and became better known — and more notorious — it appears to have grown more cautious about respecting traditional age limits. Still, MISA’s goal and modus operandi apparently continues to be the recruitment and active sexualization of its female members, both for the personal pleasure of Bivolaru and his inner circle, and even more important, as a means of generating additional large-scale financing for the group, defectors say.

MISA Yoga School False documents. Illegal practice of Medicine

MISA Yoga School – Forgeries, perversions, proselytism. This video shaows that they have been recruiting not only from high schools, but from elementary schools as well.

The Scientology Connection?

In 2012 they started to invite people from outside the organization. One of those people was Birthe Heldt, the head of Scientology in Denmark, to speak at one of their Conferences on spiritual freedom. You can watch it here:

Late in 2013 Scientology PR from France was invited to speak at another conference. You can read about it here, with a grain of salt, because the organization is in league with the cult.

This cult bears watching. I hope you will join me in keeping an eye on them.

More questions for David Miscavige

Who me?

Who me?

Sir, I know how busy you are but there are just a couple more questions that I forgot to ask you yesterday and they are probably the most important so that the general public understands you.

Recent pictures show that you are aging gracefully, sort of like a game show host, but you are looking fit, well rested and well fed. Which brings up these questions.

First, what did you have for dinner last night? Steak with all the fixings with maybe a nice garden salad to go with it? A nice dessert with a little Scotch afterward?

What did the staff at PAC (Pacific Area Command) Base have for dinner last night? More than likely, rice, beans and a glass of water to go with it and no time to relax over it. They usually only get about 15 to 30 minutes for meal breaks and then back to work.

Which brings us to part two. How much sleep did you get last night? I’ll bet you got a good 8 hours.

What did PAC staff get? Maybe five if they are lucky? Even though Mr. Hubbard said that all staff were to get their enhancement time,(course time or counseling time) how can they if they haven’t had enough rest or nourishment?

Sir, we really need to know the answers to these questions. You might as well answer because my friends and I are not going away and we will not be silenced.

Thank you.

Rob Robinson

What will Hereditary Religion Get You? Hereditary Snake Bites.

Snake-handler’s son bitten by rattler months after pastor dad killed by serpent

Cody Coots

Cody Coots

By Scott Kaufman
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 7:58 EDT
The son of a snake-handling pastor who died from a snake-bite earlier this year was bitten himself while handling a snake on Monday.

Cody Coots took over pastoral and snake-handling duties at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name in Middlesboro, Kentucky after his father, Jaime Coots — one of the stars of the National Geographic Channel’s reality show Snake Salvation — died of a snake bite on February 15, 2014.

Like his father, Cody refused medical treatment after the bite because a snake-bite is a symbol of God’s will. But unlike his father, he is expected to live.

His sister, Katrina, wrote on Facebook that “we just have to put all things in the hands of Jesus…Cody did not sleep well. He is swollen and his hand is black…but he is sleeping now and is not in pain.”

According to snake-handlers, their ability to hold and dance with snakes comes from what they call “the signs of the gospels.” These signs appear in Mark 16: “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

Cody Coots had the proper permits to possess the snakes, but a Kentucky law banning the “use of reptiles in religious services” specifically prohibited him from using them as he does.

It is not known whether the state will fine Coots for his performance or revoke the permits that allow him to house these poisonous animals.

Watch a video of Cody Coots discussing his new position in the church after the death of his father below.

Ref: Raw Story

Dear Mr. Miscavige – A couple of questions

David Miscavige - The Pope of Scientology

David Miscavige – The Pope of Scientology

Dear Sir, if you would take just a few moments out of your busy day to answer a few questions, I am sure that the world-at-large would understand you better and leave you alone.  For a while at least.

First, if the Scientology technology worked the way Mr. Hubbard said it did, and the upper levels brought the kind of power and sanity that they were hyped up to be, then wouldn’t it make sense to take all new recruits, both Sea Org and regular staff, all the way up the so-called Bridge to Total Freedom before their contracts were activated?  After all, then they would just have to postulate big, booming orgs with thousands of people running into the orgs everyday to throw money at the regges and it would happen.

Second, Ron Hubbard was very clear on the subject of public relations.  You may not have thought about this but wouldn’t it be better to keep families close and communicating with each other than to break them apart and order your flock not to communicate with people who do not love and understand Scientology.  After all, didn’t Ron say that communication was the great solvent?  People just don’t understand why an organization that promotes family and sanity would seek to tear relationships apart.  Don’t you think it may be time to reevaluate the whole disconnection policy?

Lastly sir, I am not sure that you have pondered this, so here is something to think about.  The Catholic Church, The Mormon Church, The Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church as well as many other denominations practice heavy recruitment like you do.  Now with the exception of the Catholics, all these other religions also recruit from within their own priesthood.  And certainly none of them would wish abortions on anyone.  Wouldn’t it be kind of a sane thing to allow your priest class (Sea Org) have kids and bring them up to be devout Scientologists.  After all, the reason Sea Org members get married is so they can have sex, and you don’t pay them enough to buy condoms.

Sir, inquiring minds want to know.  Please take a moment to answer these questions.  We will be waiting.  We will not, however, be holding our breaths.

Thank you.

Rob Robinson

World Cult Watch


‘Cult’ drops Hills worship hall plans


May 26, 2014

A religious sect described by former prime minister Kevin Rudd as an extremist cult has walked away from plans to build an 800-seat hall in the Perth Hills.

Mundaring Gospel Trust, acting for the conservative Christian group known as Exclusive Brethren or Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, has withdrawn its plans for a meeting hall in Parkerville because of changes to the Shire of Mundaring’s planning scheme.

It is unclear whether the trust will look at an alternative site, with a spokesman saying it was “considering its options”.

“The trust withdrew (its plans) because a scheme amendment meant the proposed block may no longer have complied (with the shire’s planning scheme),” he said. “While an appeal was an option, the trust respected the concern of the council and the community about a place of worship in the location.”

The Brethren, which rejects the cult tag, discourages eating and drinking with non-believers, watching TV and attending mainstream universities. In 2007 Mr Rudd, then opposition leader, said the Brethren split families and denied children a modern education after prime minister John Howard met members.

The trust’s decision to walk away brings down the curtain on a 13-month dispute that began when the shire rejected the hall proposal in April last year, arguing it would breach its proposed new planning scheme, was inconsistent with its existing scheme and would “have a detrimental visual impact”.

The trust appealed to the State Administrative Tribunal and wrote to Acting Planning Minister Bill Marmion.

Mr Marmion initially moved to relax the council’s restrictions on allowing places of worship in residential areas but subsequently endorsed a scheme that was not compatible.

Once it was determined the trust’s proposal would not be allowed under the shire’s scheme the SAT provisionally dismissed the application and the trust withdrew its application.

This short film on sexual abuse will leave you visibly shaken.

Sexual abuse of women and children in India

Sexual abuse of women and children in India

In India, by social standards as well as religious standards, women and children have no rights as individuals.

A short film by Pooja Batura that talks about and captures different kinds of sexual abuse an Indian woman suffers from during her lifetime, from child abuse to work place harassment to marital rape. In India, a woman is sexually assaulted every three minutes and raped every 20 minutes and something must be done to change these horrifying statistics. Will you help get the message out?

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