A Truly Dangerous Cult

A Recipe for Horror. In a large white bowl, mix the following: One crackpot A jigger of Nazism A dash of misogyny A liberal sprinkling of Nietzsche A few uneducated zealots A dose of Atheism 10 pounds of racial hatred Shake well.  No need to cook.  Soon it will boil … Continue reading

Church’s Hallucinogenic Tea Ritual

A small church in Santa Fe, N.M., has grown up around a unique sacrament. Twice a month, the congregation meets in a ritualized setting to drink Brazilian huasca tea, which has psychoactive properties said to produce a trance-like state. The Supreme Court confirmed the UDV church's right to exist in 2006. The church doesn't … Continue reading

Narconon Of Georgia Raided!

“We have credible information that indicates that insurance fraud is taking place with Narconon,” said Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens. Much of that information was supplied by the family of 19-year old Emily Morton of Rome, who said Narconon tried to bill United Health Care $166,000 for her treatment after they … Continue reading

A look at cults and toxic faith

God Discussion show on Blog Talk Radio.  The show starts on Friday, April 26 at 6 pm U.S. Pacific time. CLICK HERE. Is it possible to have a healthy faith?   Cynthia  Kunsman says yes.  It’s from Cindy that we’ve coined the title, “Don’t commit mental suicide!” A survivor of many years … Continue reading

The Sea Org – Licensed to Kill

To this day, there are people who don't believe that L. Ron Hubbard would have ever ordered anyone to kill another person.  There are people, yes even some ex-Scientologists, that believe that process R2-45 (the act of exteriorizing someone by putting a 45 caliber bullet in a person's head) was some … Continue reading

A Killing in Amherst – Scientology Mental Health Tech at Work

  March 13, 2003.  Approximately 9:30 a.m.  It's L. Ron Hubbard's birthday.  28 year old Jeremy Perkins is not in a good mood.  His mom Elli has just told him to go take his vitamins and then take a shower.  He doesn't like the vitamins.  He thinks his mother is … Continue reading

OT – 3 The Hard Way – Homicide In Vegas

There once was a Las Vegas Scientology public (parishioner) person named  Louie Pagliaro.  He was a professional photographer and a casino pit boss.  He paid his money and did his grades (lower level Scientology counseling).  He then went to AOLA (The Advanced Organization of Los Angeles) to take OT I, OT … Continue reading

Children of God – Children of Sorrow

The Children of God, now known as The Family International was one of the vilest of  all cults and certainly the worst of the Christian cults.  Often times called the sex cult, it was also, with reason, called the Church of Pedophilia. The Founder, David Berg, also known as “Moses David” or … Continue reading

Desteni – The MLM Cult

The Master Race is alive and well and living in the Desteni cult, which has been widely ridiculed and condemned on numerous different websites, forums, in videos and blogs, where they are variously described as communists or fascists, a bizarre and potentially dangerous thought reform cult and / or a money-making … Continue reading

The Mormon Church, uh Cult

Make no mistake, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is an authoritarian cult, and has been since the beginning.  It is also one of the longest lived cults in America and has spread around the globe to almost every country in the world.  Its membership is second … Continue reading

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