Scientology’s feeble attempt to strike back at FECRIS

Statement from the Church of Scientology in response to The Copenhagen Post article "Anti-cult conference planned in Scientology's backyard"  Copenhagen has been chosen as the location for the annual FECRIS conference, a get-together of extremist bigots, many of them with unsavory stories on their conscience when it comes to human … Continue reading

Anti-cult conference planned in Scientology’s backyard

Peter Stanners May 29, 2013 – 18:17 Family support groups are meeting in Copenhagen on Thursday to discuss how to tackle cults and support the friends and families of individuals affected by controlling groups The Church of Scientology has its European headquarters in Copenhagen (Photo: tobias vl / flickr) The … Continue reading

What Is The Lev Tahor Cult?

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish family in Israel that was believed to have wandered into Jordan accidentally was in fact attempting to flee to join a cult in Canada. The father’s family had sought a court order to prevent the couple and their six children from leaving the country to join an … Continue reading

Russian cult leader’s 11-year sentence upheld

NOVOSIBIRSK, May 27 (RAPSI) – The Novosibirsk Regional Court has rejected an appeal filed by Konstantin Rudnev, the former leader of the Ashram Shambala religious cult, thus upholding his 11-year prison sentence, Judge Larisa Goretaya said on Monday. Rudnev was sentenced by a district court in Novosibirsk on Feb. 7. Rudnev … Continue reading

How Cults Mess Up Your Thinking

We are going to have a great show this week.  The topic is Long term psychological problems due to cult membership.  Not just PTSD but all mental problems.  We will be expecting a lot of calls so get your call in early at 914-338-0452 or toll-free, 888-238-8529 (or, when show is … Continue reading

Masonic Symbolism

Freemasonry is full of symbols, whose meanings are often open to different interpretations. “It’s like an onion,” is how past Quebec Grand Master John Leide describes the many layers of meaning Masonic symbols hold for members. Checkered floor In the center of every lodge room is a checkerboard, whose black and white … Continue reading

Alleged Galilee cult leader suspected of abusing children for decades

Munib Farhat, 56, suspected of imposing strict disciplinary code on 11 adults, 25 children. Cult leader allegedly forced parents to beat their children, withhold food and smear them with fecal matter. Affair exposed after woman files police complaint. The details of a shocking child abuse scandal began to emerge on Tuesday in the Galilee town of … Continue reading

HollyJane (Stewart) Belle’s Story of Child Rape and Incest

[embedit snippet=”wcw2″] My name is Holly Jane (Stewart) Belle. I am tired of being silent, so here is my story.. Holly –  Daddy’s Little “Bawl Baby”. My Dad is the Wood County Surveyor in West Virginia. His name is Scott Franklin Stewart. He is very well known in his community … Continue reading

Scientology Gets Green Light For New Org In Birmingham

Objector Peter Bailey described the organization as a “corrupt, sinister and dangerous cult” and told Birmingham City Council it would "brainwash" young people. Birmingham's planning committee has found itself powerless to stop the controversial Church of Scientology opening a £6 million headquarters in Moseley. The controversial organization, whose famous followers … Continue reading

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