Black Hebrew cult members sentenced for murders of woman and child

DURHAM — Four people who police say were members of a black supremacist cult pleaded guilty this week in Durham County Superior Court to conspiring to murder a 28-year-old woman and 5-year-old boy in 2011. Vania Rae Sisk, 27, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping … Continue reading

House of Judah: How a local FBI agent, federal prosecutors pushed ‘the prophet’ behind bars

ALLEGAN COUNTY, MI – After self-professed prophet William A. Lewis escaped conviction in the 1983 beating death of a child at his House of Judah compound in rural Allegan County, FBI agent Gene Debbaudt sought out a federal civil-rights prosecutor to go after the cult leader and his lieutenants. Call … Continue reading

Justice For Janine

The church of Scientology promised her a cure for dyslexia using Tom Cruise as an example.  Instead, she had 18 years of her life and her sanity ripped away. We ask that you please help make this post go viral so that justice can finally be done for this family. … Continue reading

Scientology and The N.O.I. a Marriage Made in Hell

In case you don’t believe me, watch the video below this article. [embedit snippet=”wcw2″] There are none so enslaved as those who willingly place themselves into bondage. Most ex staff and Sea Org members will tell you that Scientology is slavery. Sea Org staff make fifty dollars or less a week for working … Continue reading

Two More Adults Charged in Mennonite Child Abuse Cases

WINNIPEG – Children have been removed from an orthodox Mennonite community in southern Manitoba, where more adults have been charged with assaulting youngsters using items such as cattle prods and leather straps. Manitoba Family Services would not say Wednesday how many kids had been taken into care, or reveal any … Continue reading

Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, Says Atheism Has Failed

I don't happen to agree with him.  I would love to hear your opinion. Sacks says only religion can defeat the new barbarians.  "The West is suffering for its loss of faith. Unless we rediscover religion, our civilization is in peril."  His article, in full, below: I love the remark … Continue reading

Convicted Faith Healer Prefers His Female Clients in the Nude

He likens his powerful fingers to “the scalpels of Jesus,” and some believe him. Others, however, view self-proclaimed faith healer Claude Provencher as a charlatan and sex predator. And as he tugs on yet another cigarette, Mr. Provencher, 56, concedes he’s nervous about what will transpire Monday morning when he … Continue reading

Become an Athiest – Lose Your Kids

A rabbinical court granted 'Ayala's' husband custody when she lost her faith. One woman's struggle against the religious system. Curiosity is a celebrated trait among the secular, but is considered dangerous in the ultra-Orthodox world. And God, if he exists, is Ayala’s witness that she possesses plenty of it. According … Continue reading

Ex Members of First Century Gospel Church Speak Out

  WHEN Herbert and Catherine Schaible watched a second child wither away and die in April instead of taking him for medical treatment, the general public reacted with disgust and disbelief. But for one woman, the feelings that emerged were more of sadness and empathy borne out of her unique … Continue reading

God Discussion Show Lineup for The weekend of June 14 – 16 2013

My friends, we have a great lineup for you this weekend here at the God Discussion Network.  I really hope you can listen in. Thanks to The God Discussion Network for the Article and Graphics. Click the purple link to visit. First, on Free-Thought Friday Al and Deborah have an … Continue reading

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