Teen Mania – The Christian Cult for Kids

  Michael Langone, director of the International Cultic Studies Association and editor of Recovery from Cults, defines a cult as: “a group or movement that, to a significant degree (a) exhibits great or excessive devotion to some person, idea, or thing, (b) uses a thought-reform program to persuade, control, or socialize member … Continue reading

Help Needed

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Exclusive Bretheren – A hereditary religious cult.

A cult by any other name is still a cult and this so-called religion fits the bill.  This group caught my attention when an article came across my news feed about a religious group running its own school in the U.K. that was trying to get charity tax status.  The … Continue reading

More on Lev Tahor

Amid all the legal and media hype, Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans, leader of the Jewish sect, Lev Tahor says  all they want is to be left alone to practice their religion.  The problem is, their practices also include the subjugation of women and the wide spread abuse of children.  Rabbi Helbrans, ruler … Continue reading

Event videos in case you missed it.

For many children, child abuse begins in the church.  The earlier the indoctrination, the harsher the potential abuse can be.  An example being a child be told over and over by a parent that the pastor is always right.  So when the child is told by the pastor that they … Continue reading

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