11 Failed Doomsday Predictions You Won’t Believe People Fell For


Remember when everyone thought the apocalypse would happen in the year 2000, like Nostradamus (sort of) said? Or when people stocked up on canned food and ammo for New Years 2012, fearing the end of the Mayan Calendar? Failed doomsday predictions are… Continue reading

Anti-gay group: Businesses ‘trample’ the freedom of Christians by serving LGBT people

Anti-gay group: Businesses ‘trample’ the freedom of Christians by serving LGBT people (via Raw Story ) Buddy Smith, the leader of a group that opposes equal rights for LGBT people, argued this week that businesses in Mississippi were “bullying” Christians by advertising non-discrimination policies. As WLOX reported last week, Mitchell … Continue reading

Iowa’s GOP Senate candidates vow to block judges who won’t follow ‘biblical law’

Iowa’s GOP Senate candidates vow to block judges who won’t follow ‘biblical law’ (via Raw Story ) Four Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate fell over themselves to show deference to religious right voters in a forum sponsored Friday by The Family Leader. Right Wing Watch reported three of the … Continue reading

A Christian Cult in the Clutches of a Dark Master

Victor Barnard played the shepherd, wearing linen clothes and sometimes wielding a shepherd’s crook. The minister kept his flock close, urging members of the River Road Fellowship to move to four clusters of properties in this rural area and discouraging the girls from traveling to town. As he grew more … Continue reading

The Use of Mind Control in Scientology

This excellent article was written by our good friend Dr.Monica Pignotti.  It is very well written and has great information, especially for people who want to understand how people get hooked into these cults. Read on my friend. PART I   THE BEGINNING INDOCTRINATION METHODS The purpose of this paper … Continue reading

Bridge Publications Wins Sixth Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award

Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Council announced in March that Bridge Publications has once again earned the coveted Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award. Bridge Publications publishes the religious works of bestselling author and Scientology… Continue reading

Cult Prophet Glenn Beck Says That Society Is ‘Too Far Gone’ And Only The Bible Can Save Us

Just take a look at yesterday's morning meeting where Beck harangued his staff that "the system" is in a full-fledged nosedive. "It's in a straight pitch down," Beck proclaimed. "That's what our society is doing right now. Straight pitch down!" The only solution, of course, is the Bible. "This has all the … Continue reading

Fred King, Violent Polygamist, Out On Bail

Frederick Madison King was released from custody Wednesday on $50,000 bail under terms which include no contact with the alleged victims of sexual and physical assaults and threats at the "cult-like" Chatsworth church he headed. City police and special constables with metal-detecting wands checked visitors before they entered the small courtroom, where Crown … Continue reading

Glenn Beck says The Bible is the Only Textbook We Need

Hailing the Hobby Lobby president Steve Green's family as "true Americans" during his morning meeting, Beck turned directly to the camera and urged viewers to shop at Hobby Lobby in order to support them because "these people are the best." On last night's television program, Beck then interviewed Jerry Pattengale, who is overseeing … Continue reading

False Prophet Pat Robertson Says Doctor Raised Patient From The Dead With Prayer

Right Wing Watch reported after the 700 Club ran a story on the importance of prayer for doctors and patients, host Pat Robertson told a story about how a board member of Regent University, the school Robertson founded, used prayer to bring a dead man back to life. Robertson, who once led a … Continue reading

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