Parliament member requests inspection of Russian Scientology Church

ST. PETERSBURG, February 19 (RAPSI) – A member of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, Vitaly Milonov, sent a letter to Federal Security Service Director Alexander Bortnikov requesting an in-depth inspection of the Church of Scientology in St. Petersburg and other Russian regions, the deputy’s press services reports. According to the … Continue reading

Church of the First Born Cult

Travis Rossiter and his wife Wenona Rossiter convicted for Manslaughter. By: Linda Martin Nov 12, 2014 — This last week I sat through a disturbing trial in Albany, Oregon. The parents were convicted of manslaughter in the death of their 12 year old daughter, Sybil. She suffered for weeks or maybe months … Continue reading

When Religious Belief Goes Too Far

Tracy McLaughlin, QMI Agency Feb 13, 2015 , Last Updated: 4:48 PM ET BARRIE, Ont. Satanic killer Mark Dobson, convicted of partially decapitating two women, told a judge Friday he murdered them out of love. Everything I did was out of goodness and love not evil, he said in a … Continue reading

The Fundamentalist Baptist Cult.

Curated from Patheos by: John Shore Independent Fundamental Baptists (IFB) is a loosely-affiliated, cultish denomination of Christian fundamentalists. According to the Pew Forum on Religious and Public Life, there are approximately 7.85 million IFB members in America. It’s unlikely there isn’t an IFB church within a half-hour drive from your … Continue reading

Danny Masterson Toeing The Scientology Line

In a recent interview by PAPERMAG, Danny Masterson reveals that he is the perfect example of Scientology brainwashing.  My comments, where needed, will be in red.   Beck once told a New York magazine writer that Scientology is “always the last question journalists ask.” And when Danny Masterson, actor, DJ, restaurateur … Continue reading

Sexual Abuse in the Name of God: New Bethany Home for Girls

I have no idea how I missed this.  It is a truth filled article about Mack Ford of the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church, and his sexual abuse of young girls over a period of decades. As many of you know, I have long been an advocate for those abused at Independent … Continue reading

Alleged victims of sex abuse say accused priest’s death brings ‘final justice,’ closure

The alleged abuse spanned four decades, one teenage boy after another. The Rev. Terence McAlinden, the alleged victims said, used alcohol, threats and the name of God to coerce them into sexual situations. Years later, in a videotaped deposition, the former youth leader admitted sleeping nude with boys and bathing … Continue reading

ISIS Hostage Kayla Jean Mueller Confirmed Dead

ISIS Hostage Kayla Jean Mueller Confirmed Dead – BuzzFeed News

  Mueller’s friends and family told reporters at an emotional news conference Tuesday that the 26-year-old had fulfilled her lifelong goal of making the world a better place through her humanitarian efforts. Delivering a statement on behalf of family members, Lori Lyon, an aunt, said Mueller knew her calling at … Continue reading

Marry at nine, Isis document urges girls


  Girls living under Isis rule may legitimately be married from as young as nine, and should have a husband before they are 17, according to a semi-official manifesto aimed at winning new recruits. Their education should continue no later than the age of 15 and “most pure girls will … Continue reading

Narconon strikes out in second Ontario town

When Narconon, a controversial rehab program rooted in Church of Scientology teachings, tried to set up shop in Hockley Village near Orangeville two years ago, it was met with angry residents, petitions and “No Narconon” lawn signs. In Milton, where Narconon is now trying to open a facility, it is … Continue reading

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