Catholic Church collects $1.6 billion in U.S. contracts, grants since 2012


  Not to be lost in the pomp and circumstance of Pope Francis’ first visit to Washington is the reality that the Catholic Church he oversees has become one of the largest recipients of federal largesse in America. The Church and related Catholic charities and schools have collected more than … Continue reading

Jehovah’s Witnesses can hide the truth to protect religion

By Trey Bundy / September 23, 2015 On a Friday morning in August, one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses top leaders sat before an Australian government commission investigating whether the organization hid child sexual abuse from secular authorities. That Geoffrey Jackson, one of the seven members of the religion’s Governing Body, … Continue reading

Rabbi arrested for molesting students

  A rabbi from a Jerusalem yeshiva was arrested after one of the pupils filed a complaint saying he was molested for five years, Hebrew-language media reported on Thursday. The 19-year-old victim claimed other pupils at the religious academy were also abused by the rabbi, according to the Ynet news … Continue reading

Baptist Pastor’s Sexual Abuse of a Child Leads to Victim’s Suicide as an Adult and Lawsuit


DALLAS, Sept. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Carla Sweet and Ed Gomez of Dallas, Texas, filed suit today in Dallas, Texas, state court against First Baptist Church of Rockwall: seeking justice for their son, John “Jeremy” Sweet-Gomez, who was repeatedly sexually abused by a Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church of … Continue reading

Has NXIVM been taking lessons from Scientology?

Ex-confidant of founder says group scanned fiscal records of six federal judges, Schumer and others Albany Times Union By Brendan J. Lyons Sunday, September 20, 2015 Albany A former close confidant of Keith Raniere, founder of the NXIVM corporation, claims top officials in the secretive organization used a Canadian investigative firm … Continue reading

South America has become a safe haven for the Catholic Church’s alleged child molesters

Jennifer’s memories were scattered and fleeting. They came suddenly, triggered by a smell or a glimpse of light dappled through stained glass. The aroma of freshly baked mince pies repulsed her nostrils. Scented candles, like the ones in the small San Antonio, Texas church she attended as an elementary school … Continue reading

Bad News – Court sides with faith-based groups on Obamacare birth control mandate

A federal appeals court Thursday ruled in favor of faith-based nonprofits who fought Obamacare’s birth control rules, dealing an elusive victory to religious employers who now have a stronger hand in urging the Supreme Court to shield them from the administration’s “contraception mandate.” In a pair of opinions, the U.S. … Continue reading

Federal funding of Villa Rica HS needs to be withdrawn after mass baptism.

Students and coaches taking part in a “mass baptism” on school property. Administrators are investigating what went down at the Villa Rica high school in Georgia after a video was shared on YouTube: The video, posted by First Baptist Villa Rica, was shot on school grounds just before football practice. “We … Continue reading

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