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meRobert Robinson was heavily involved with Scientology from 1988 to 1995, where he served in various executive positions.  Bob runs the “World Cult Watch” website, offering insight about various cult's teaching and comfort for ex-cult members struggling with guilt, grief, anger and other emotions associated with spiritual abuse.  He also exposes the abuses of cults as he calls it, with hard hitting stories about problems involving abusive, authoritarian cults.



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  1. this is an example of many cults out there. The Companions of Wisdom is obviously controlled by the mind control of the cabal. The scribes’s wife is borderline and out of reality. Two weeks ago she came and interrogated every member left in the group what contact they had had with those who had left 9 to 12 months ago. People had been shunning us for over a year and still being asked to ” report “.

    The secrecy and shunning is incredibly counterproductive if you feel you have the tools and secrets to save humanity…..going the way of cults is WRONG and ego- based….don’t forget karma…..ps…Deborah, all my info is coming from outside the Ohio group….don’t be so naive to think you have contained this!!

  2. This is not a benevolent group…probably was five years ago when I joined, but has since evolved into a very emotionally abusive and controlling cult. Why, I’m not sure. But it’s non- profit status is bogus, and it’s scribe is an ex Moonie and 35 yrs military. I smell, and have for the last two years, mind-control cabal. We who have asked questions were shunned, kicked and forced out, all after personal targeting . Like all mind-controlled psy-ops ( Scientology etc.) they are manipulative and have everyone, who are incredibly gifted and spiritual people, convinced they are the ones upon who’s shoulders it is to save the world. I was personally told my actions, past and present, could be responsible for WW3 breaking out. Fear is the biggest controller of the 3d paradigm….we are done with this…..which is why so much is being unveiled at this time. Victory to the Light!!

    • You must be talking about Companions of Wisdom or the J-Message group. We have a relative who participates in this group. It seems as if the group has taken hold of her mind as all her conversations are related somehow to what is being told them by the channel Ken Alexander. Even though she has little money she flies to different countries for their conferences. This creates a financial hardship. She also talks a lot about “soul splits” and movie stars and their past lives and what celebrities shared past lives with her. Her outlook has been getting more and more pessimistic as I guess the J-message group has relayed a message that they alone are responsible for saving the world (this is like a tiny group of 100 – 200 people) and the hope for humanity lies in this group. She has related that the masters do not get along on the other side and only through this group will humanity survive. I feel the group has exerted some type of mind control over the participants. I’m not feeling like hanging around this person anymore because she has changed dramatically over the last several years that she has participated in this group (and it hasn’t been for the better).

  3. I know about this organization and your reply is spot on.

  4. all religion is mental aberration, usually,but not always, acquired in early childhood

  5. Robert, Thanks for all you are doing. I enjoy and learn from your many posts.

  6. Robert, Thanks for all you are doing. I enjoy and learn from your many posts.

  7. i am Muslim convert christian can any one help me to know more

  8. so what’s your story? how did you leave? How long were you having doubts?

  9. As an actress within physical theater I have spent many years training butoh with various teachers. I am very surprised that you have chosen to present this artform here as a cult. Although I am truly sad to hear about the death of Sharoni Stern, I find the attacks on her teacher deeply speculative. I would recommend you to look into that again.

    • I am not attacking the art-form here, just the man who inflicted the psychological damage on the poor girl. Speculative? I would recommend that you ask Sharoni Stern’s parents who went through this ordeal.

  10. I’m surprised that you don’t have the cult church of William Branham, also known as Message churches. Though he died in 1962, there are still many of these churches worldwide. Into 3rd and 4th generations, people born into this church have a very skewed perception of God and Heaven. The Internet has brought the truth about WB to light, and many, many people have left. But they feel so deceived, that a great many never return to any church.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and comment.  If the Creator gives me enough time, I will probably get araound to that group as well.




  11. Hello,

    My mother has recently become very involved with a group out of Vermont called the "J Message Group." A little sleuthing on the Internet shows that this group, headed by Kenneth and Deborah Alexander, claims that Kenneth is a medium who is channelling messages directly from Jesus Christ. The J Message Group Corporation has trademarked "Evolutionaries" and "Companions of Wisdom."

    Is this group a cult? My mother seems to be spending more and more time on J Message Group activities, none of which seems too harmful. Yet. 

    With thanks,


    • These are not nice people. They thrive on drama and emotional blackmail. While they don’t overtly ask for money, they will say spirit demands all members attend their expensive conferences out of state or in other countries. Most legitimate psychics say Ken is channeling a low level entity that is not a master like they are saying, and nothing good will ever come of affiliating with them. Nothing is ever free.

    • The Companions of Wisdom, formerly the J-Message group is definitely a cult. They had their members sign a confidentiality statement as they are also paranoid. Ken channels Jeshua (Jesus) and other entities as well such as Mother Mary, Matreiya, and “masters” on the other side. He delivers huge diatribes that are hard to follow. The members are told all about their past lives and what celebrities they have a “soul-split” with. They also are told they are the salvation for the world and it’s problems. I would definitely encourage your mom to get out of this group. It’s not a healthy group and from what I’ve observed (I’ve attended a couple meetings) the people who participate are well-intentioned but mislead by this channel who preaches unity but in actuality is very judgmental and causes the members to feel a sense of hopelessness about the world’s condition. From what I understand from a relative who is still in the group the messages are getting more and more out there. For example, they believe the leader of Syria is the reincarnation of Hitler. The person I know who is still in the group has become more and more unstable over the last year or two and in conversations talks about the masters giving up on the “earth experiment.”

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