Avatar – A Scientology Spin Off

harryUnlike Scientology, the Avatar movement doesn’t claim religious status. Star’s Edge is a for-profit personal development enterprise that supposedly “contributes to an enlightened planetary civilization.”  Like Scientology it has its various levels at ever increasing prices.  The main levels in Avatar are Basic, Master and Wizard.  They are comparable to Scientology’s Pre-clear, Clear and OT.

Harry Palmer, the creator of Avatar claims that the precepts of Avatar were revealed to him during a trance while he was in a sensory deprivation tank.  In fact, Palmer was a devout Scientologist for over 15 years and was the mission holder in  Elmira, New York for over 10 years until 1984 when he ceased paying his licensing fees to Scientology Missions International.

The original Avatar materials made extensive use of Scientology terminology and Harry Palmer sold them to other Scientologists, claiming that they achieved “end of case” and “covered the entire Scientology Bridge, the Buddhic path and beyond.” Many of the terms continue in use in Avatar today, such as “Rundown”, “Identities”, “handling”; and Avatar offers similar courses of the same names (“Integrity Course” and “Professional Course”).

The basic course consists of doing training drills (similar to the training routines in Scientology), designed to enable the client to face what will be confronted in the Masters course.  The Basic course costs $2,395 US.

The Masters Course, at a cost of $3,000 US, involves to process of “discreation” of negative beliefs, visualized in trance as thought-forms or “bubbles.” After one vanishes, the vacuum in mental space can be replaced with a better belief. After the course, most students experience a strong euphoria that may last for weeks. Once the high wears off, some say they have experienced anxiety, obsessive thoughts, or deep depression resembling the downside of bipolar disorder. If they ask teachers for advice, they are told to repeat the course and experience deeper levels.

Now you are ready for the Wizards course.  You will finally learn the secrets that have kept you from achieving your true spiritual potential.  The price?  A mere $7,500.  It is here that you will learn that we are not native to this planet but come from the planet Karsak of the Triton system, because of an intergalactic “blight bomb”  caused by indoctrination experiments gone awry on that planet.  You will also learn that drugs and surgery are misguided attempts at healing, because all human ills — including AIDS and cancer — are really caused by  “entities,” possessive spirits that are exorcised using telepathic commands similar to Scientology’s  techniques to eliminate “body thetans.”

If you have fallen out of favor with Avatar, or if you have a family member in Avatar, you are “encouraged” to become a member in good standing.  According to Rick RossEven family members, friends and coworkers have to submit to Avatar’s pushy attempts to embrace them. Ruined friendships and broken relationships are the result. Twenty-three-year-old Aline M. from Saarland complains: “My boyfriend’s family is totally wrapped up in it. His mother follows the tenets of Avatar fanatically.” Her relationship is suffering, too: “My boyfriend is pretty much helpless, and is unable to answer questions. He can’t get his life together any more. He is completely dependent in terms of his personality, which he denies, of course. Eventually, I couldn’t even get near him.” 

Palmer now says he is an “educational psychologist,” apparently to camouflage his history; but a public records reveal that he has never held a mental health credential. Despite the self-conferred title, some of his teachings express antipathy toward conventional health care. They oppose pharmaceutical treatments and Avatar Masters have advised students with bipolar disorder to discontinue medication, sometimes with disastrous results. Well known Hamburg cult expert Ursula Caberta says “We’ve heard that there have been nervous breakdowns and that people have not been looked after appropriately“.

This is a dangerous commercial cult, and if you are looking for spiritual enlightenment, give this one a pass.

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34 thoughts on “Avatar – A Scientology Spin Off

  1. Scientology, Avatar, Christianity, Islam, Judaism…..remnants of the infancy of our intellect as dear Albert would say.

  2. I fell prey to this exposure of Avitar by one of I thought was a good friend for two years.

    I did not know what an Avitar or A Master or Wizard was. I had no idea that this good friend had been grooming me for almost two years. Learning all about me my life story personal struggles and basically controlling my separation from my family.

    I was on a good place in my life but struggling with a real life situation which we all face in some time in our lives.

    This person seemed so caring and compassionate but lacked reality. I thought some of her responses to real life situations were very almost robotic. Non emotional I would say.

    Like I said she knew everything about me m, my family, And knew my faith. I never hid it. I invited her to my church. Now almost two years too late I knew nothing about her and Avitar and that she was a “Master”. She was my friend and her job was massage therapy.

    One day I sent her in a simple text thanking her for helping me in a situation and asked if there was anything I could do for her. Her response was yes, I’m having a get together talking about Avitar Of course I thought of the movie, and it was a girlfriend get together little did I know what I was getting into.

    I admit it was NIEVE and trusting of my friend on my part but was busy and said I would come by.

    To make a long story short it was Harry Palmer Avitar video with 3 “Masters” in the room a formal introduction and two other potential students.

    I watched the video of Harry Palmer thought he was a very good speaker says all the things for self help you want to hear seemed harmless mentioned Jesus and Gondi and other spirtual leaders from history. Little did I know about this Avitar and now WIDHED I had simply googled ithis company and had researched this man.

    The Orlando convention was coming up within a few days like I said I was extremely busy it was the 4th of July weekend and my friend presented this to be a fun relaxing getaway.

    Needless to say it was not. We got to this beautiful hotel in the heart of Orlando (right by Disneyland the happiest place on earth, right?) @ 2:00 in the morning only to find out I would be rooming with two strangers. I said “what”?

    I said no was confused caught off guard thinking it was a getaway bonding experience with my friend and said no I will room by myself.

    At that point my friend that I now know was suppose to be my “Master” and has taken the Wizard class disappeared completely!!! Now I know she was behind closed doors with other Masters and Wizards Stars Edge people only to prepare their strategy for new students.

    I kept texting and calling my friend and received no response.

    I made the best of a day alone in this beautiful hotel and met some wonderful non Avitar people.

    This is Scientology “cult” pushy, pressure and very expensive To boot!!!! I was curious and did attend the resurfacing part of this Avitar. I immediately identified the students from the Altimonte Springs Stars Edge employees. These people were robotic and strange is not the proper word.

    Their goal is for you to dismiss everything you believe in especially your faith, government it’s called your indoctrination and your blueprint. I am a proud God fearing Christian woman and believe in our history and governmen and my blueprint.

    Needless to say I was curious so I knew what they wanted me to say and do and I did it to progress very fast. I went as far as the second session called “feel it’s”. This was truly bazar. They do not want you to think or analyze they want complete control over your mind for their financial gain.

    They prey on weak people that are searching for answers to daily issues we all face. My decisions are faith based. My “indoctrination” am very proud and “blessed with” .

    This is a pyramid money making Scam at its best. I saw people struggling waiting in lines to only see Wizards or Stars Edge employees to see if they got it only to be told to repeat exhausting crazy exercises. Waiting in long lines for hours. No one answering your questions they just look at you.

    Guess what if they feel you do not get it they push you to stay longer costing you more money that goes in the pockets of the “Master or “Wizard and a portion to Stars Edge, Harry Palmer (who I might add was not there right down the road from his Corporate Office).

    You of course pay for your transportation (people were there from all over the world) hotel, food plus the never ending days that you could spend under their pressure to stay for the fourteen day course. More money in their pockets!!!!!

    Thousands of dollars!! Please look this up, google it. Harry Palmer Avitar. It’s well documented.

    It is very mentally and physically draining. Starting at 9:00 a.m till as long as you can last for the day. They do not provide water, drinks or even a simple snack. You know if you attend a conference especially an expensive one at that they at least oro idea something.

    They rotate the Avatar Stars Edge people with your “Master or Wizard” .

    They weed out the people that can not afford and focus on the people that through their Masters knowledge has the financial means or simply say give us your credit card number. Not me.

    Oh and when you do get to level two and three workbooks can not leave the room. They snatched it right out of my hands. My notes were put in a green numbered folder with my notes that went direct to Stars Edge Corporation for follow up pressure to return by relentless phone calls.

    I was furious and felt betrayed by my friend that had been grooming me for two years.

    I confronted her about the whole experience and asked a lot of questions and she postured and said I’ve never heard this. 10 years in this and you do not know? A lie. Again Harry Palmers famous words.

    Patty, Harry Palmers right hand and her husband Dick started calling and calling me. One number was from Minneapolis and the other from somewhere else. They have many groups through out the country I found out. They could call me, but I could not return the call. Why all the
    secretcy and control I thought but really knew why.

    I finally confronted both Dick and Patty that work directly with Harry Palmer and asked some pretty simple questions about this man his background lawsuits (fraud) Scientolgy and you know what they said Harrys Famous words “I don’t know” Ive never heard that.

    They knew I was done. I hung up on Patty finally and told her this was nothing more than a money making pyramid, brainwashing cult.

    Harry Palmer where are you? You have given one interview since starting Avitar, Stars Edge Corp. it’s a money making all profit Company. They do not give back.

    If he really cared about making our world better more peaceful place why not charge a nominal fee not thousands of dollars of hard earned money from people searching that are lost!!!!

    He will retire a billionaire leaving all his cult followers lost without their beloved leader.

    It’s almost over he is getting tolder and as he said Avitar will fade as he says in his one interview with Matt from a well published Magazine Article with the same statement “I don’t know ” he repeats 25 times.

    Well Harry “I do know” you have destroyed marriages families relationships in your path for monetary value and personal gain. You do not believe in Jesus as asked in the interview.

    You ask in the resurfacing profile you are required to fill out , where will you be in a 100 years or 1 billion years? My answer was and is this Harry HEAVEN I pray for you and that you turn this around and truly help the needy around the world.

    Where was your organization for 911 or Hurricane Katrina. You were in Orlando at your all profit organization taking ALOT of people’s hard earned money!!!!!

  3. Israel. We had one of the teacher’s spamming us (as a couple). My gf wanted to go… and so we went for a meeting to see what it’s all about. After the meeting (I didn’t want to be impolite, so I waited a while) I’ve posted an email message to the teacher, saying that they should not send us anymore emails or such, because we are NOT their target audience. Thank you for enlightening us.
    I think it should be banned.

  4. I am going to take that basic course () to shut old pal up, (2) the psychoogy sunds pretty good, (3) sounds like way to learn to get rid of some “civization” I’ve had enough of. (4) better way of relating to oddballs

  5. Thank you for bringing light to this! I was about to get involved but had a deep burning gut feeling something was wrong.
    I had a very strange experience with a man that was trying to seduce me into this course through his “master”
    It’s a long story, but I ran fast!
    There are a lot of people in the Austin community promoting this and not understanding that they are under hypnosis.
    Yes, this is the “euphoric” feeling.
    So glad I trusted my intuition.
    It was a scary situation that happened.

    • Hypnosis? That’s one I haven’t heard before 😀
      While I have chosen not to attend any more Avatar Courses, I have attended 5 in the past (Wizards included). I can promise you NO ONE is getting “hypnotized”. You simply choose what you would like to improve in your life and use several exercises to assist in these areas- nothing seductive or hypnotic is taking place. I just wanted to clarify your incorrect point for future readers.

      Best wishes to you!

  6. Hi rob

    I’am a single Mother who lifes in holland. A good friend of my is right as we speak in Orlando for a avatar course. We Often argue about avatar. When we were together I told him quite with avatar. But now we are separate he went back to it. I want to help but I don’t know how? I think he is in to far already.

    Best regards

    • If he is willing to look at what ex members have to say, then he has a chance. If not, he may have to loose more money.

  7. Just did the basic course because a sister is so involved and wanted me to experience… Well what a waste of time. Contradiction are the norm and don’t question them as you will grow horns real fast. But that’s exactly what you need, horns, to drive the evil away. May the grace of the almighty be upon those who have fallen subject to this controlling group.

  8. Avatar is a scary cult that prays on the emotional weak, stripping folks of any emotional well being and stealing there money..had a friend who got involved in Avatar and was told to go off medication and had a serve mentL breakdown….this is so immoral and must be stopped

  9. I did 2 Basic and 1 Masters course. I found the Basic course useful and still use some techniques, but was unhappy with the pressure put on participants to sign up for the Masters. Even those people who were struggling on the Basic course, were pestered daily to sign up for the Masters. There was no real care for these people from the leaders, just the objective of getting these poor souls to pay for another course. At the Masters the main focus was on how to develop your Avatar business (pyramid selling) with very little new work and lots of repetition of stuff from the Basic course, plus pressure to sign up for Wizards course and for other ones like the Professional course. Harry did appear at the Masters course, gave a lecture then departed without receiving questions from participants.

    I also received regular phone calls from Star’s Edge employees. The conversations started with how am I doing, but as soon as I started to talk it became very obvious they weren’t interested in my well being and that their main objective was to get me to sign up for more courses,

    Avatar is about pyramid selling with those who get new candidates receiving a not inconsiderable commission. If Harry Palmer’s goal is to create an enlightened planetary civilisation, then why does he charge so much? Why not give the course free or for a small nominal fee? I’m sure there are some very wealthy people in Star”s Edge.

  10. We are currently staying in a hotel where there is an Avatar “convention”
    Lots of people standing around in a trance like state. They monopolize the hotel lobby furniture for hours taking notes. Very strange!

  11. Hey Rob. I can’t say that you are all wrong about Harry (because I don’t know much about him) but many of the things that you said about the courses are lies. I know because I’ve been in a Wizards course (it is just a course in my opinion, it is expensive, but there are many other expensive things in life like: cars, jewelry, even bags can be more expensive than that, you pay if you want and have money for that) and I never heard about another planet stuff or that diseases are just a matter of entities. If you have to take madication I never heard about quit medication because of an avatar course, but the opposite, you have to talk about the course to your doctor. Some ppl have an umballanced relationship with the course, but dogmatic crazy ppl exist everywhere. I have many avatar friends and none of them had mental problems (depression etc) the way you described – there are so many avatars in the world that Im sure some of them can have problems, but that’s obvious… this proves nothing. Don’t see E.T’s and cults where they don’t exist, Avatar is an enterprise which sells very good courses for those who can and want to pay for. If your are not strong enough to say no (if you want to say no, of course), they are gonna sell you a course, and you can stay in debits for that, but it depends on your own maturity and sanity, it can happen in many other places, stores , for example … tha’s all…not a cult, for me Harry is nothing but an intelligent businessman who sells excelents courses!

    • Harry Palmer is, as you say, a BUSINESS man. He’s making money off of the emotional and mental weaknesses of others. I am currently in the throes of watching my soon to be ex husband go further and further into debt and being brainwashed by this unscrupulous and bogus money-sucking machine. He has accumulated more than $24,000 of debt in less than 9 months – all Avatar. He’s now pressuring me and our two young children to do an Avatar course – which I repeatedly have refused. Yet, he continues to pressure me, with more and more anger. This is a dangerous cult. Run as far and as fast as you can if someone approaches you to get involved.

  12. I LOVE avatar.

    • May I just ask – if you love Avatar, why do you need to be anonymous. Aren’t you proud of what you love and wouldn’t you like others to know who you are to support your beliefs?

  13. This Avatar stuff seems way out there. The mathematical statistical chances that there is a Galactic Federation are very high, but if so, I doubt this is its conduit. However, it is important to point out that we are all born into a cult, and we all need to break out of that cult at some point in life and wake up to that fact. Mainstream society is a dangerous cult, and is resulting in the destruction of my planet.
    Will I stand by and let that happen?
    Think I’ll go start another cult …

  14. on the verge of divorce because avatar is pushing husband over the edge — he’s racked up 10k in debt this year because of Avatar. is about to incur $2500 more next month. I am worried for my children, actually.

  15. Its disturbing to find out after taking the Masters and Wizards courses that the foundations possibly lie in Scientology. When I asked the course instructors how Harry developed his methods, I got vague shrugs. I did find the tools helpful though and continue to use some of them. I had no idea he was so involved and for so long in the Elmira mission

  16. Dear Rob, Great article. A bit unbalanced from own my point of view, personally Avatar did allow me to “dis-create” beliefs and patterns and I am, today, a good, balanced mother, business owner who enjoys life and lives in appreciation. And I do owe that to H Palmer and the Avatar course – I only did until Masters – they never tried to “incult” me – that was 12 years ago… it was a short course and the “value for learning” was life changing. I am sorry that other people may/did not have the experience I did – For me it was a mind unfurling and very forgiving course.

  17. I lost the love of my life to the Avatar Course cult. They use NLP techniques to brainwash people and prey on people who have a lot of “shit” to get off their chest. I can happily submit an article just tell me where to send it as a warning to others :)

    • Tom, I am sorry that you had to go through that pain through no fault of your own. Maybe someday she will wake up.

  18. Thank you for this article – my daughter was completely brain washed and financially destroyed by this dangerous cult. I hope she will wake up soon and see it for what it really is before more damage is done. It is shocking how easy it is to indoctrinate people especially the vulnerable and the young ones. Instead of promised enlightenment and “living deliberately” people are “brainwashed deliberately” – all of this under the government’s blessing and protection. Good luck with this!

    • I am so sorry that you and your family had to go through this. That is one of the reasons I do what I do.

  19. the similarities are undeniable to me t this point

  20. I am very grateful for this and other info about this creepy guy – Harry Palmer – and his creepy cult which it seems already has its hooks into several people in this country (NZ) including a woman I know. Keep up the good work and warn as many people as possible to steer clear of this money hungry scammer!

  21. Congrats on the Avatar article.  You bet it's a cult and dangerous.  Keep up the good work.  The more accurate content (it's a cult) about Avatar on the web the better to hopefully stop new recruits. 

  22. Thank you, Rob, for this very informative article. And for creating this site and tackling cult watching. I agree, this is an important subject. Cult mindset and behavior is pervasive and insidious, and in my opinion tends to escalate over time. Education and transparency are effective antidotes. Perhaps the only antidotes.

    • Thanks Marta. I appreciate the support you have given me. Too many cults are rising these days and must be exposed for what they are.

  23. I love the new site. It is going to be an important tool in the ongoing battle to raise cult awareness, and combat it. I wish you great success in your new home.

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