Comparison armchairs DXRACER vs GT OMEGA


GT-Omega1-300x300 Comparison armchairs DXRACER vs GT OMEGAGamers all around the world have definitely faced the dilemma – to choose a DXRacer gaming chair or a GT Omega one. You must have noticed the great design resemblance of productions by these two brands. Moreover, most chairs by both brands are available with lumbar cushions and headrests for extra support and comfort. But surely there are still significant differences worth your attention and consideration. Let’s find them out so that you may make the right choice in the end!

Product Quality

GT-Omega1-300x300 Comparison armchairs DXRACER vs GT OMEGAThe first and most essential difference between GT Omega and DXRACER brands is the quality of their products. DXRacer owns its company, hence from the inception of design to creation and delivery of each and every dxracer gaming chair is implemented under the strict observation of DXRacer staff. T

hey are all concentrated on what they offer, whereas GT Omega, not having its own factory, delivers only generic chairs. If DXRacer is able to offer “special orders” as well as provide its customers with extra customizability, GT Omega can hardly produce a dependable model catered for taller or bigger users. It’s an undeniable fact that DXRacer strongly affirms its quality promises.

DXRacer’s Experience vs GT Omega

It won’t be a surprise for you when we tell DXRACER used to manufacture racing seats prior to releasing gaming chairs. DXRACER is an expert in delivering ergonomic and comfortable seats which, unfortunately, can’t be said about GT Omega.

Now let’s take the most widely purchased DXRacer and GT Omega gaming chairs with identical designs. These are the DXRACER OH/FD99/NW Formula gaming chair and GT Omega PRO Racing Office Chair OC-F0013. If it weren’t the brand logo, one couldn’t tell one from the other at first sight. However, there are far more differences than the mere logo.


GT-Omega1-300x300 Comparison armchairs DXRACER vs GT OMEGAGT Omega offers this racing office chair with a synthetic leather material in black and red coloring. Just the same way, DXRacer covered its Formula gaming chair with PU leather yet in a black and white color combination.

At first sight, you may think these upholsteries are of equal quality, yet, as reviews left by real users state, the cover of GT Omega chair feels tacky. Besides, it’s easily wearable and as soon as in half a year, users notice tears and wearings everywhere.

Meanwhile, that of the dxracer chair is more durable and will last much longer. DXRacer uses high-density mould shaping foam in all dxracer chairs including the dxracer Formula OH/FD99/NW for additional comfortability and softness. The same can’t be said about GT Omega OC-F0013 Racing Office Chair. The latter feels really firm and won’t suit those who spend much time in front of PCs. So, if you value softness and comfort in chairs, DXRacer is undoubtedly advantageous.


DXRACER Formula chair features sturdy metal frame and a five-star nylon base. Surely it would be much better if DXRACER used aluminum for the base, yet the user market this chair is targeted at allows using nylon. What concerns GT Omega chair, it features a black aluminum 5-star base. Don’t hurry to get upset by this difference between DXRacer and GT Omega chairs, but read the passage below.

Target market

DXRacer clearly classifies its productions into segments according to the target market. This dxracer Formula gaming chair is designed for teenagers and people with slim or average body sizes. The suggested user height for this dxracer chair is 5ft 8in (173cm) while the recommended weight for the dxracer model is 180lbs (81.65 kg).

Meanwhile, GT Omega claims the load capacity of its Racing Office Chair OC-F0013 is up to 264lbs (120kg)! This definitely sounds attractive! However, can a really heavy user rely on the durability of a chair, which weighs only 22kg?! By the way, DXRacer Formula chair designed for slim users has the same net weight! I think it won’t be difficult to guess which chair is more durable and dependable!

Comparison of Specifications

GT-Omega1-300x300 Comparison armchairs DXRACER vs GT OMEGADXRACER Formula chair comes with a conventional tilt mechanism. The GT Omega one is equipped with a tilt locking or otherwise known as a multifunctional mechanism. This is a plus for the latter. Anyway, other dxracer chairs including the DXRacer King, DXRacer Classic, and DXRacer Iron, as well as some models within the DXRacer Racing series, come powered with a multifunctional mechanism.

Both dxracer and GT Omega feature 2″ casters to move around easily. DXRACER makes them of PU for smooth and soft moving.

The back of GT Omega chair is adjustable up to 160 degrees while back of dxracer one adjusts to 135 degrees. The armrests of both OC-F0013 GT Omega and DXRACER Formula models are height-adjustable to suit the user’s comfort requirements. GT Omega here provides 4D adjustable armrests while those of DXRacer Formula OH/FD99/NW are only 1D.

DXRACER, as well as GT Omega, include lumbar cushions and headrests in these two models. They greatly enhance the comfort level.


Being back to the question at hand – which chair is the best – DXRACER or GT Omega, we shall answer this way: it depends on the user. We deeply believe that DXRacer is hands down the best gaming chair, but we can’t but admit GT Omega chairs are priced much cheaper. They are perfect for people who are in a search of a good gaming chair at an affordable price.

But if you want to make an investment, DXRacer is beyond any doubts the winner! DXRACER delivers reliable, sturdy and functional chairs. Once purchased, they tend to serve for many years to come. GT Omega chairs may come with more impressive specifications at less expensive prices than dxracer models, yet users get disappointed in their quality in a couple of months. DXRacer models are built to be used for hours a day without getting tired and wearing the chair.

You have learned our point of view, so good luck in deciding!

GT-Omega1-300x300 Comparison armchairs DXRACER vs GT OMEGA

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