Comparison gaming armchairs AKRACING vs DXRACER

If you ask any veteran gamer what, to his opinion, a number one gaming chair is, a hundred to one the answer will be “DXracer”. Yes, DXracer is, perhaps, the most recognizable brand. But it doesn’t mean that there are no other good brands. Of course, there are some.

In our today’s review we’ll compare the “monster” in the world of gaming chairs – Dxracer – with a relatively young, but still rather interesting brand – AKRacing. In Europe, AKRacing chairs have already gained popularity with gamers, but in the US they are quite rarely found on sale. Nevertheless, they are certainly worth looking at, and in some respects they can even outperform DXracers.

Let’s take as an example two popular entry-level series of both brands – Dxracer Formula series and AKRacingPrime series and take a closer look at their features – from price to the quality of the materials used.1111-1 Comparison gaming armchairs AKRACING vs DXRACER

1. Design. Well, the two models look almost identical: a five-star wheeled base, plastic armrests, fabric surface and two standard pillows – for lumber and head support. It’s hard to find any significant difference, really. The quality of fabric is slightly higher in DXracer (more dense fabric).

2. Construction and build quality. Both models – DXracer and AKRacing – have decent build quality – all-metal frame inside makes them durable and strong. Both DXracer and AKRacing use high density mould shaping foam as filler. Foam density is higher in DXracer – 52 kg/m³ against 49 kg/m³ in AKRacer. It means that DXracer is more resistant to sagging.

3. Dimensions. AKRacing is higher, wider and can carry bigger loads than DXracer. Weight capacity of DXraceris just 90,7 kg, while AKRacing offers 150 kg capacity.

4. Adjustability:

  • Adjustable tilt angle: 3-17 degrees in DXracer and 12 degrees in AKRacing.
  • Adjustable back angle – 135 in DXracer and 180 in AKRacing.
  • Armrests: 1D in DXracer and 2D in AKRacing.
  • Mechanism type: standard in both models.
  • Gas lifter: 4-class in DXracer and AKRacing
  • To sum it up, AKRacing offers slightly more flexibility than DXracer. Such extras as tilt angle lock or 360-degree swivel are absent in both options, as both DXracer Formula and AKRacing Prime relate to entry-level series.

5. Comfort. The level of comfort is a judgmental characteristic, as it depends on personal preferences and experience to a large extent. Though the two options are very similar and both of them are listed as ergonomic, according to customer reviews, DXracer is reported to be more comfortable. Most customers report on a better support provided by DXracer and describe it as more suitable for intensive use, for example, hours of esport.

6. Price. DXracer Formula and AKRacing Primer series enter one and the same price bracket. They are relatively inexpensive. Approximate price for DXracer Formula is $290-310. As for AKRacing Prime, it is available at the price of $260-280. So, the difference is minor – $20-30.

All things considered, you can opt for DXracer Formula if:

  • you’re not taller than 1.78 m and not heavier than 90 kg;
  • you want the best comfort at a medium price;
  • you simply like DXracer style.

At the same time, you can choose AKRacing Prime if:

  • you need a bigger height/weight capacity;
  • you don’t mind saving 20-30 dollars;
  • you need a better flexibility, in particular, a back angle of up to 180 degrees.
1111-1 Comparison gaming armchairs AKRACING vs DXRACER
DXRacer Best PC Gaming Chair

We’ve reviewed in detail two entry-level series of the two brands – DXracer and AKRacing. But what about other models? As we know, DXracer offers six gaming chairs series & six office chairs series. As for AKRacing, its product range includes 10 series. They are not subdivided into gaming and office models, but in fact, any of them can be used for any purpose – working or gaming.

If we take a closer look at the product lines of both manufacturers, we’ll see that almost every DXracermodel has an analogue in AKRacing model range. Generally speaking, almost all of them are interchangeable. That said, the price for DXracer is commonly some higher. AKRacing, in turn, provides more flexibility, but it lacks this premium touch of DXracer in terms of materials quality.

Speaking of the brand as a whole, DXracer has the following advantages:

  • The largest choice of models. Everyone will find an ideal chair in the product range of DXracer.
  • Big-sized models. For example, DXracer Tank series has a weight capacity of almost 200 kg.
  • A good price band. Entry-level DXracer models can be bought at $200, while the cost of premium DXracer chairs reaches $500.
  • High-quality materials and decent build quality. Even the cheapest models are well-made.
  • A big choice of colour and style solutions.

As for AKRacer, we can distinguish the following advantages:

  • Cheaper chairs. Though the difference is not big, it is, and it matters for some customers.
  • All the models have a minimal weight capacity of 150 kg.
  • More flexibility due to a better adjustability.
  • More entry-level and average-priced models in the product line.


It’s for you to decide what to choose. Every brand has its own pros and cons. But if you can allow spending 20-50 extra dollars, we’d recommend you to opt for DXracer. This brand offers a wide range of great models – you’ll always have a lot to choose from. For your money you’ll get the highest quality of the world-famous brand.

1111-1 Comparison gaming armchairs AKRACING vs DXRACER

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