Conditions of Membership

Like all communities, World Cult Watch has rules for its members to abide by.  Cults and Abusive Religions are a very serious topic.  Many members have been abused, stalked, psychologically terrorized, and some have even had their lives threatened.  So here are a few rules that members are expected to follow.

  1. Absolutely no Cyber-Stalking.  Just like sex, no means no.  If a person does not want your communication, just take it as it is and move on.  Abusive behavior is not cool.
  2. Treat each other with respect.  Yes, sometimes emotions run high and tempers flare, but you don't have to flame each other or call each other names.  You can disagree but still be polite.
  3. NO SPAMMING!  Embedding links is permitted only for sites or blogs that are on topic.(Meaning about cults or religious abuses)  If you wish to sell something, Facebook only charges five bucks a day.

You will be required to agree with these conditions on the sign up page.

p.s. For security reasons. When signing up for membership, please remember that this board is open to the public. If you have not come out publicly that you have been a cult member, you may want to use an alias. Also, please never publicly reveal another’s identity.

Thank you.

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