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  1. William Yarbrough out of Peoria Illinois and Iowa is the leader of a Christian cult. He sucks his members in with financial bribes and promises. He then makes you believe that everybody in your life, family and friends, is a “demon”. The only way to exorcise these demons is to cut them out of your life completely and be 100% dedicated to him and the ways of his cult. His wife’s name is Dianne and she is also involved in this. His listed phone number in Peoria is (309) 691-0132 but he actually owns multiple different properties in Peoria and Iowa.
    If you have any information that may help me get my sister back please contact me asap at

  2. I found the book ReSurfacing by Harry Palmer in an opshop. Before reading I thought I would look up the author, read a little bit and saw the word “Master”. Alarm bells rang, then I ended up on your site and got confirmation of what I suspected. Thank you, this is a good thing you are doing, I want to acknowledge you for your work in this field.

  3. Where can I go to escape lawless religious indoctrination? Please! They murdered my husband to abuse me. It’s unreal what these lawless people have done. I can’t get into details. If you can help or know of someone who can PLEASE contact It’s urgent!

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