Advantages gaming desks DXRACER

green-dxracer-gaming-desk-GD-1000-NE-7_1024x1024 Advantages gaming desks DXRACERThe more space a gamer has, the easier it is to keep the clutter factor down and concentrate on games. Yet, a gamer far not always has a limitless space for his PC and additional gaming equipment. Hence, when it comes to picking up a computer gaming desk, the available space is a determining factor. Actually, the market is not filled with premium desks built exceptionally for gamers, yet the DXRacer GD/1000 Gaming desk is better suited than most for setting up a perfect gaming space.

Priced around $399, this dxracer desk meets the requirements of any user. Here is a detailed review prepared specially for you and those customers who have a trust towards the DXRACER brand yet need to get a better idea of what the DXRacerGD/1000 Gaming Desk is.

Ultra-Modern Design of DXRacer GD/1000

green-dxracer-gaming-desk-GD-1000-NE-7_1024x1024 Advantages gaming desks DXRACERDXRacer GD/1000 seems to have come from future! This dxracer desk features a fantastic double triangle design which not only stands for its stable structure but also upgrades the look.

The dxracer desk is available in green, white and red colored rims all paired with a black surface. A complete black variant is also offered to dxracer’s customers. This dxracer desk is made to match with any setup whether it is professional or fun looking.

Positively Heavy Weight of DXRacer GD/1000

The weight of DXRACER GD/1000 Gaming Desk is nearly 80 lbs. This is a definitely quite heavy desk in a good way. Particularly the weight of the dxracer desk stands for its sturdiness and reliability. With the 110 lbs desktop weight capacity you won’t have to worry about the safety of your expensive desktops!

The dxracer desk legs have wide and stable bases so that the weight of the dxracer model is not directed to only one point of the floor. This way your floor won’t get damaged.

Materials Building the DXRacer Desk

green-dxracer-gaming-desk-GD-1000-NE-7_1024x1024 Advantages gaming desks DXRACERThe entire structure of DXRACER GD/1000 Gaming Desk is made of steel. Each foot of this dxracer desk has a steel framing to make the model even sturdier, yet there are also other materials used in certain parts.

The desk board is made of environmentally friendly natural wood. The top is 0.98″ thick and weighs around 37 lbs.

The rims of dxracer desk are made of high-quality ABS plastic. The latter is a safe and firm material which features great impact resistance and practically no strange odor.
Carbon fiber feather forms the back of DXRACER GD/1000 Gaming desk. It features computerized embroidery for additional tightness.

Surface of DXRacer GD/1000

DXRacer GD/1000 Gaming Desk is built to the highest standards. The 31.5″ x 30.00″ x 47.30″ size is more than enough to place a couple of large displays and still have room for the mouse, keyboard and side speakers. The front ends of the dxracer desk have comfortably slanted rests for elbows or wrists.

imply adjust the dxracer desk with your chair (preferably DXRacer one) and you won’t feel any pressure to your whole carpal area or wrist. The ten-degree slope is a perfect ergonomic angle you will feel comfy to rest your forearms.

Wire Management of DXRacer GD/1000

green-dxracer-gaming-desk-GD-1000-NE-7_1024x1024 Advantages gaming desks DXRACERAmong the multiple advantages of DXRACER GD/1000 Gaming Desk the ample holes intended for cable management have their significant place. One can’t deny that multiple wires which have to hang down in an ugly way usually spoil the entire look of the gaming area. And those cables which appear between the table and the wall get mangled up and chewed.

With DXRacer gaming desk this problem has got a solution. All cables go not above but below the desk. The wire holes of this dxracer desk allow wiring an entire setup of monitors, keyboard, speakers, mouse, router, network, etc. without damaging the cables.

Advanced Feet Design of DXRacer GD/1000

DXRacer deeply cares for all its customers and takes their worries into consideration when designing a new product. Most often people complain about their computer desks damaging the floor. DXRacer equipped its GD/1000 gaming desk with trapezoid feet that provide a vast surface for a stable support. The feet are rotating to all 360 degrees. They do not damage the floor and can move the dxracer desk around easily.


Before summing up what we have learned about the so popular and widely approved DXRacer GD/1000, let’s clear up particularly which features make a good gaming desk. So, a decent gaming desk is to provide an ample space to place a large gaming setup; must have good cable management to avoid wire clusters; should have an ergonomic structure for extra support of the forearm when typing or using the mouse; must match the overall color scheme of your gaming corner. What do you think?

Does DXRacer GD/1000 Gaming Desk meet all these criteria? Definitely, it does! The dxracer desk is built to satisfy any customer’s demands unless they are nitpicking, surely.

Once you order a DXRacer gaming desk, you will get a nicely packaged product. DXRACER sends each piece of the pack perfectly secured with foam cut outs. There is practically no way the dxracer desk can be damaged in shipping. What concerns the quality of the dxracer desk, it’s unquestionably on point! With its amazing material choice, solid construction, great ergonomic design and wonderful look, the DXRacer GD/1000 is beyond any doubt the best gaming desk in the market! This is our opinion and it will be yours, too, once you sit at the dxracer desk!

green-dxracer-gaming-desk-GD-1000-NE-7_1024x1024 Advantages gaming desks DXRACER

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