Desteni – The MLM Cult

Sunette Spies

Sunette Spies is the wizard on the screen to all good Destonians. It is through her that all messages are “chanelled”.

The Master Race is alive and well and living in the Desteni cult, which has been widely ridiculed and condemned on numerous different websites, forums, in videos and blogs, where they are variously described as communists or fascists, a bizarre and potentially dangerous thought reform cult and / or a money-making scam through its multi level marketing companies.  Mainly based on a farm in South Africa, they have been quietly expanding through use of the internet. If you cruised YouTube back in 2007 and 2008, you probably saw cute little Sunette Spies channeling  alien spirits and preaching peace, love and brotherhood for all. It seemed as though she had answers for all mankind's woes.  Followers are convinced that she has "portalled"  and spoken on behalf of an AK-47 rifle, Marilyn Monroe, a leprechaun, Joseph Stalin, a petrol pump, Carl Jung, a coffee cup, Kurt Cobain, a panty liner, the consciousness of an elephant and a snail, Adolf Hitler, Audrey Hepburn, Alistair Crowley, Colonel Gaddaffi, a vibrator, Freddie Mercury and a piece of toilet paper.

It sounds silly and rather harmless, but Desteni is a centralized regime run as a dictatorship which advocates strictly regimented economic, industrial and social controls. It suppresses free speech and forcibly attempts to censor criticism and opposition. Its extensive use of propaganda utilizes democratic procedures for an antidemocratic cause. ‘Destonians’ condemn non-Destonians as less than inferior beings.  

In actuality, Sunette is not really channeling all these people, places and things.  Like the wizard on the screen she is only a parrot for the man behind the curtain, Bernard Poolman.  Poolman is a neo-Nazi, abusing anyone who 

Bernard Poolman, the neo-Nazi man behind the curtain of the Desteni Group.

Bernard Poolman, the neo-Nazi man behind the curtain of the Desteni Group.

served in World War II through his hero-worship of Hitler. He says Hitler acted out of love. He abuses the Jewish people by calling for the removal of ‘the Jewish principle’ in the video ‘The Jew in Every Man is a Zionist’.  In his vitriolic rants, hurls abuse at New Agers, Americans, atheists, people who believe in love, positive thinkers, anyone who drinks alcohol, parapsychology researchers, gurus, anyone who uses a pseudonym, people who masturbate, the imagination, psychiatrists, scientists and the scientific method, intellectuals, doctors, people with hair, vegetarians,etc. According to Poolman everyone else is a psychopath and ‘Desteni is the future of the world’.  Like some demented fundamentalist bible bashing preacher, he lectures the same point again and again about money being the root of all evil and damns those who sin against the Desteni doctrine to banishment from the future of the universe, where they will ‘simply be disregarded’.  Poolman also asserts that Scientology is the reason for UFO's and alien abductions.

A large part of the Desteni material is made up of hate speech against other people, but especially religious people. This is not so much because he doesn’t believe in religious ideas, but because he thinks religion should be doing a job usually carried out by governments. That is, providing welfare. But he’s got an answer to that: poverty and starvation can be overcome by making money ‘equal’, as long as enough people join his organization and support his bigotry and hate and abuse of everyone else.

Desteni has nothing to do with equal rights, equal opportunities or any authentic concept of equality at all, and nothing to do with liberty, justice or freedom. ‘Equality’ in Desteni is simply, inequality; outright exploitation and abuse of the individual and the group for the benefit of an elite. There is the suppression of all criticism and a corrosive devaluing of autonomy. The first rule is: ‘no opinions’ (except Bernard's). Outside of Desteni any other values are regarded as worthless. They regard themselves as on a unique mission to save the world and suggest that there can be no worthwhile life outside the Desteni group. There is unquestioning commitment to the group leadership, its ideology and practices. Any other opinions and beliefs are explicitly forbidden, as they view all opinions or ‘believes’ as wrong.

The ideas Destonians have acquired from Poolman and Spies are such that, for example, they regard friendship as ‘evil’, the family as the foundation of prostitution and cause of pornography, they say people who have sexual fantasies cause others to become rapists, humanity is possessed by ‘mind demons’ and that the only hope for the future of humankind is through ‘self-forgiveness’ in Desteni.

The aim of the process is to rid people of all thoughts, feelings and emotions so they can be ‘birthed as life as the physical’, and along with their bogus political campaign called the Equal Money System, this is what Desteni say will bring about world equality.

The leadership of the Desteni group gives out detailed psychological and health advice to the Destonians. Members are encouraged to devote excessive periods of time to Desteni-related activities: watching endless repetitive videos, reading convoluted, nonsensical texts, receiving ‘support’ from the ‘buddy system’ of the DIP. They practice breathing exercises and reduce sleep to 4-6 hours a night. They are preoccupied with making promotional blogs and videos for the EQAFE products and DIP courses and for the Equal Money System; that is, money for Desteni. There is the daily writing of public testimonials for the group in the form of self-forgiveness. Through the practice of self-forgiveness, guilt and confession are utilized to gain information about individual group members as their personal fears and anxieties are revealed in public.

Absolute conformity with the Desteni process is demanded by the leadership of the group as being as of the utmost importance not just for Destonians but the future of the world. They are told that Desteni conveys the ultimate truth about life and death and everything in between and beyond. The Desteni group takes precedence over the Destonians' own personal ideas or values. They are encouraged to transform or rid themselves of their personalities and to have sexual relationships (‘agreements’) only with other Destonians. As with other authoritarian cults, Destonians are instructed to view friends and family with suspicion.

Prices for their online course are $100.00 per month for the first year and $200.00 per month thereafter.  Income is disbursed as follows:

Recruiter – 10%
Buddy – course material support 25%
Moderator Over viewing and assisting Buddy and Student 10%

The remaining 55% goes to top management

This is what they tell their students to do in order to get more people signed onto courses.  "To be able to recruit and stand in a position of a Recruiter or a Buddy you need to sign up as an Agent, complete your lesson assignments on time and pay your course fee on time.The important part is to motivate people and present yourself as an example of definite change through blogging and vlogging on the internet. In this way you motivate people to join DIP and select you as their Recruiter."

Questions or comments?  Please put them in the comments section below.  For a little more information, please watch the short video below,  Thanks for reading.  

8 thoughts on “Desteni – The MLM Cult

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  2. Hi Rob, thank you for this post. I have only recently come across them and still investigating for myself. Have you had personal contact with them? I read that Bernard died in 2013. Did you get the chance to meet him/speak to him?

  3. maurice vanrushpneul

  4. If you review their FAQ, you will quickly find that they wish to destroy your mind and replace it with something in their making.  I made a video about Desteni as well.

  5. Desteni is based on a Christian Foundation. 

    The only difference is that it is an iprocess, not a youprocess.

    It is all me, me, me and will be hard pressed to change the world!


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