He’s a good priest and a holy priest…

Rev. Joseph Liang

Rev. Joseph Liang

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He’s a good priest and a holy priest… (via http://mojoey.blogspot.com)

He’s a good priest and a holy priest who happens to have be arrested and charged with child molestation and victim tampering. We support Rev. Joseph Liang… or so suggests congregants from Catherdral Basilica of St. Louis as they tried to organize…

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4 thoughts on “He’s a good priest and a holy priest…

  1. This why the eleventh commandment is thou shalt not harbor pervert priests. the one cult i do not find here is freemasonry

  2. “He’s a good priest he’s a holy priest” so they see the molested children as a human sacrafice? He is a pedophile priest a holy pedophile priest. For the love of something sane, protect your children you as*holes.

    • Obviously, it has to be up to the parents to get educated because the churches are not going to do anything until the are forced to by lawsuits and bad press.

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