How Cults Mess Up Your Thinking


We are going to have a great show this week.  The topic is Long term psychological problems due to cult membership.  Not just PTSD but all mental problems.  We will be expecting a lot of calls so get your call in early at 914-338-0452 or toll-free, 888-238-8529 (or, when show is live, simply push the SKYPE button that appears on the show page.) – please use the toll free number only if you wish to make a comment or question on the topic.

Sunday, May 26, 2013
At 7 pm US pacific, 8 pm mountain, 9 pm central and 10 pm eastern – CLICK HERE FOR THE DIRECT LINK!

Among other things, we will be talking about:

People who have escaped cults have common traits … and they all have to do with messed up thoughts that were injected from the abusive group and its leaders.

2013-05-26_CultMindFormer cult members are often preoccupied with illnesses, health concerns and their psychological states after leaving the group. Sometimes they experience guilt over these issues. They realize that their education stopped when they joined the cult and as a consequence, they have neglected their health and well-being. Like the alcoholic, they stopped growing emotionally when they joined the cult.

Ex-cult members also seem to experience an overdose of guilt and shame. In the cult, most were obligated to enlist new members and to collect money in less than honest ways. They feel guilty about their treatment of parents, brothers, sisters, friends and even strangers. Depending on the cult, they may have lied, committed acts of violence or carried out illegal activities at the direction of the cult leader. Upon leaving the cult, they feel guilty about tricking others into supporting the cult in some way and about the people that they recruited who are still in the cult or who never would have joined otherwise.


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