Lawsuits target Scientology rehab center in Nev.

Narconon Caliente, Nevada

Narconon Caliente, Nevada

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LAS VEGAS — Several federal lawsuits now target an unlicensed Nevada drug and alcohol rehab center first exposed by the I-Team. Patients and the families say the rehab center isn’t curing addictions; it’s trying to recruit people into Scientology.

Patients at Narconon have told the I-Team they were exposed to mold, lice and treatments forcing them to try and lift objects with their mind. State lawmakers tried and failed to write a new law allowing inspectors to check out Narconon. Instead, one Las Vegas attorney gathered families nationwide and is taking Narconon to federal court.

KLAS-TV has the full story.

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One thought on “Lawsuits target Scientology rehab center in Nev.

  1. NarCONon is a cash-cow for David Miscavige’s Cult of Scientology.

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