Pastor David Downs re-arrested

David Rutherford Downs

David Rutherford Downs

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Pastor David Downs re-arrested (via

Baptist pastor David Rutherford Downs was re-arrested for sexual battery and lewd and lascivious conduct. The Orange-Osceola State’s Attorney’s office had elected not to pursue changes just a month before. The charges stem from allegations that the…

Downs was behind bars for several months fighting the charges in court until January, when a judge granted him bail.

His attorney, Tad Yates, fought to have the charges dismissed, claiming no one could corroborate the victim’s testimony and she only levied the allegations to retaliate against Downs for another incident.

It is unclear why prosecutors dropped the charges in late August but court documents revealed the State had difficulty deposing the witnesses.

Nevertheless, they re-filed those charges last week and Downs is back in custody.

He is being held without bond at the Orange County Jail

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5 thoughts on “Pastor David Downs re-arrested

  1. Does anyone know how to contact David? I knew him very well in high school. Please let me know. Donna Sue DeLisle. 303-619-1293

  2. check your info David Downs has been acquitted of all charges

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