Religion and Hypnosis (Sunday, June 9, 2013)

Religion and Hypnosis (Sunday, June 9, 2013)

religion and hypnosisAre there similarities between religious practices and hypnosis?  In this week’s episode of World Cult Watch, host Rob Robinson reveals that the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Anything done by rote long enough can become hypnotic, Rob asserts.

This includes listening to a talented, charismatic preacher, chanting, some music and other activities used to take a person’s mind and money away.  In a non-religious atmosphere, rote activity is why drivers are told to take frequent breaks on long trips, so they don’t fall asleep at the wheel. In many cult-like groups, including religious cultish organizations, the opposite behavior is encouraged so that “the flock” is mentally asleep and ready for post hypnotic instruction.

Is religious hypnosis deliberate, or is it just an unforeseen byproduct of worship?

World Cult Watch, a weekly program that airs every Sunday night, is intended to not only offer news and information about cults, but to provide a forum where cult survivors — and those wanting to leave — have a chance to talk and receive emotional support.

Bob runs the “World Cult Watch” website, offering insight and hard-hitting stories about the teachings of various abusive and authoritarian cults. In his show and website, Rob also offers comfort for ex-cult members struggling with the guilt, grief, anger and other emotions associated with spiritual abuse.

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