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Hardcore gamers know perfectly well that standard computer desks don’t suit to hours of gaming. They may be comfortable enough for typing or some other activities, but not for playing video games, as the gamer’s forearms become tired, and lack of space makes it difficult to respond challenges accurately and quickly.

green-dxracer-gaming-desk-GD-1000-NE-7_1024x1024-300x197 Best gaming table DXRACER

DXracer company, which is known in the market as a manufacturer of high-class gaming chairs, has recently performed a new-gen gaming desk developed specially for those, who wantsto feel absolutely comfortable during playing. As of today, DXracer GD/1000 is the only desk in the product line of the manufacturer. In our review, we’ll try to give an independent assessment to the gaming table from DXracer and analyze its strengths and weaknesses.

Design of DXracer GD/1000

green-dxracer-gaming-desk-GD-1000-NE-7_1024x1024-300x197 Best gaming table DXRACERDXracer GD/1000 looks impressive and very unusual. At first sight it can seem plain and even flimsy, but it’s a deceptive visual impression. In fact, this DXracer desk has a solid steel frame inside, which is built to last a lifetime. Its construction is what the manufacturer calls a “double triangle design”. The load is evenly distributed between four solid rotatable feet. The manufacture claims that DXracer GD/1000 has a guaranteed weight capacity up to 110 lbs.

The DXracer is available in four colour schemes: all-black, black and white, black & green and black & red. Due to its minimalistic design, DXracer GD/1000 looks compact, and perfectly fits even into a small room.

Build Quality and Materials of DXracer GD/1000

green-dxracer-gaming-desk-GD-1000-NE-7_1024x1024-300x197 Best gaming table DXRACERDXracer always uses materials of high quality for its products, and its gaming desk is not an exception. The surface of the DXracer is made of genuine wood, which is pleasant to touch and doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients.

Plastic elements (exterior of the legs and side panels) are made of high-grade ABS. A black feather on the front is made of carbon fiber and has a small embroidered DXracer logo on it.

Features of DXracer GD/1000

green-dxracer-gaming-desk-GD-1000-NE-7_1024x1024-300x197 Best gaming table DXRACERA good design is important, but gamers choose DXracer not only for a cool appearance of its items. What makes DXracer gaming table really great is a thorough attention to details. Here are the main features that let DXracer GD/1000 stand out of the crowd.

  1. A sloping surface. The angle is not big – just 10 degrees, but it provides the most comfortable position of forearms during an intensive gaming. DXracer claims that you can play for long hours without getting tired at such a desk.
  2. The working surface itself is slightly longer than usual. According to DXracer’s claims, it is made to provide extra support of forearms. Thanks to this feature, arms are lying on the surface comfortably instead of hanging in the air. As a result, a load on finger joints and wrists reduces.
  3. Four special holes in the surface for wires. Thanks to this unique DXracer’s solution, nothing will distract you from the action on the monitor and occupy free space on the desk and under it.
  4. A wise feet construction. Four trapezoid-shaped feet of the DXracer desk provide a perfect steadiness and don’t damage the floor. A possibility of 360-degree rotation adds flexibility.
  5. Adjustable support feet. It’s a great solution developed by DXracer specially for placing the desk on an uneven floor.
  6. Ledges around the perimeter of the surface are another wise solution of DXracer. They prevent your personal things from falling down on the floor.

As you see, DXracer has equipped its first gaming desk with an impressive set of features. In addition, thanks to its bright dynamic design, GD/1000 will perfectly match with one of DXracer’s gaming chairs. Let’s try to conclude what the main advantages of the gaming desk from DXracer are and whether it has any downsides.

  • While having an extended working surface, DXracer GD/1000 is rather compact and relatively lightweight. This wise ergonomic design is a feather in the cup of DXracer. The desk will ideally fit into a narrow room – it is just 47,30 inches in length and 31 inches in height.
  • It is really convenient in use. It seems that DXracer has thoroughly thought over every small detail. Everything is in its place, and nothing prevents you from a complete immersion into the gaming process.
  • DXracer GD/1000 is a versatile desk. It will be appreciated not only by gamers, but by any person, who spends a lot of time at the computer.
  • High-quality eco-friendly materials. No strange smells typical for cheap plastic. The wooden surface adds some premium touch to the desk. This approach is common for all DXracer products.
  • DXracer GD/1000 is a costly affair. Its initial price is around $400. Maybe it doesn’t matter much for those who are ready to pay for a real comfort, but this is evidently not a low-budget model.
  • Only one size is available in the model line of DXracer.
  • The height of the desk and the slope angle are not adjustable.


DXracer GD/1000 is a debut gaming desk from DXracer. Now we can definitely say that the debut is successful. GD/1000 really stands out due to its unique design and an extensive feature set. Its sloping and slightly extended surface provides an optimal position of forearms, reducing the load on wrists and joints. This DXracer can be surely called one of the most advanced solutions in the market. However, chances are that in the nearest future DXracer will perform an upgraded option of GD/1000.

green-dxracer-gaming-desk-GD-1000-NE-7_1024x1024-300x197 Best gaming table DXRACER

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