Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACER

The ratio of Dxracer gaming chairs quality and price is very pleasing, because the price of a chair starts from $ 350. We’ve tried to find out the best one.

Comfort is the necessary condition for the process of maximum game immersion. Nowadays, the furniture market suggests lots of DXRacer computer chairs for both gamers and office workers. Without specific knowledge of functions, it is very easy to get lost in a store while choosing a DXRacer chair. We have tried to prepare a complete review of the main types of Dxracer gaming chairs. After testing the top models of DXRacer gaming chairs, we are definitely sure that these pieces of furniture could please any gamer. In the Dxracer’s catalog, there are 9 series of gaming computer chairs.

SeriesRecommended Body TypesWeight CapacityHeight limitRecommended HeightRecommended Weight
OriginSlim, Average180 bls5'9''5'9''150 lbs Check Price
FormulaSlim, Average200 bls5'10''5'8''180 lbs Check Price
RacingSlim, Average200 bls6'1''5'11''180 lbs Check Price
KingSlim, Average,Athletic300 bls6'2''5'9''-6'6''275 lbs Check Price
Racing(Multy-Function an mech)Slim, Average250 bls6'3''5'8''-6'2''220 lbs Check Price
SentitelSlim, Average,Athletic,Above Average350 bls6'6''6'-6'5''325 lbs Check Price
TankAthletic, Above Average, Large build
450 bls6'7''6'1''-6'6''425 lbs Check Price

DXRacer Formula series – for avid cyber racers.

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACERThis Series’ ratio of quality and cost is rather pleasing because the price of a DXRacer gaming chair starts from $ 350.

  • DXRacer seat height adjustment by a certified DXracer gas lift mechanism;
  • DXRacer backrest angle adjustment;
  • 3D seat angle adjustment;
  • 1D adjustable armrests.
a DXRacer high backrest may take some time to get used to.


A stylish DXRacer Formula series chair copies the shape of a DXRacer seat for motor racing, with which sports cars are equipped. DXracer сolor schemes resemble the design of the famous Formula 1 or NASCAR cruisers’ suits. Wheels are rubberized, which makes it possible to use a DXRacer chair on the floor with any coating. Embroided logo on the back of the DXRacer chair is handmade. Upholstering (which is similar to that used in cars) is easy to maintain and resistant to deformations. The typical DXracer set includes two DXRacer pillows, for lumbar and head support, made of quality fabric. The DXracer chair has a high Recaro-style back with an extra lateral support for your back and waist comfort. The angle of the backrest is adjustable as well.


The metal basis of the DXracer F series seats guarantees reliability of the construction. Breathable eco-leather, used as a DXRacer gaming chair upholstery, is hypoallergenic and provides pleasant tactile sensations. Meanwhile, it will make a DXracer gaming chair an indispensable part of your playing area.

The DXracer Racing series – the real bestseller of a gaming chairs’ market

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACERIf you prefer comfort and style not while gaining top levels in a cyber-sport, but within the daily routine, then Dxracer Racing series gaming chairs are designed exactly for you. Being initially developed for gamers and cyber sportsmen, these Dxracer chairs quickly gained popularity among everyone who had to spend a long time working at a computer. DXracer R-series chairs guarantee a maximum level of comfort for their lucky users.

  • DXRacer high backrest, which guarantees the comfort for your spine;
  • DXRacer anatomic design with lateral support, which reliably protects you from the typical office workers’ diseases like scoliosis or radial tunnel syndrome;
  • comfortable, adjustable armrests.
  • reasonably high price.


The traditional DXracer chairs black style fits into any office or home interior. A peculiar feature of the DXracer R series is a greater number of adjustable options; a higher and wider seatback and seat; 360-degree rotatable and height-adjustable arms. The DXRacer standards of ergonomics, comfort and quality are always really high.


The Dxracer chairs come with a tubular steel frame in the basis, which ensures their longer usage. A chair also has a certified DXracer Top-Gun swing mechanism, which allows you to lock the chair in an upright position. The height of a seat is easy to adjust and fixate by a DXRacer standard gaslift mechanism. The softness of a swing is regulated by a pivoting mechanism. DXRacer wheels are rubberized, which makes it possible to use the chair on the floor with any coating. The DXRacer logo is made by hand. DXRacer PU leather upholstering is very resistant and easy to care for. The DXRacer set includes two pillows: lumbar and head support. All the accessories are made of PU eco-leather.

Drifting Series – a chair with amazing back and side support

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACERThese Dxracer chairs will provide you with an exceptional level of comfort. A DXracer chair has a Recaro-style high back with excellent lateral support for your back and waist comfort. The angle of a DXRacer’s backrest is adjustable like a car seat from 90 to 135 degrees, which makes it possible to rest without leaving the workplace.

  • DXRacer robust construction with steel and rubber elements;
  • high-tech DXRacer foam filler with a memory effect;
  • possibility to adjust your DXRacer chair in most directions
  • a black-coloured DXracer fits even in a CEO’s office.
  • Not found.


The key element of this Dxracer chair exterior is a design similar to a racing car seat. That allows you to feel like a drift car driver – one hand on the wheel, and the handbrake is squeezed by the second one! DXRacer filler of the back and seat is a high-density spongy foam that is incredibly resistant to deformation (the same is used in automotive industry). At a basis of the DXracer D-series chair, there is a steel frame, which ensures durability of the latter.

DXracer King series – royal comfort and the maximum number of options.

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACERA DXracer K-series chair is ideal for long work at a computer in an office or at home. This DXracer is for the most demanding and exacting: it combines all the advantages of the DXRacer F and R series plus some new, amazing possibilities. The following part of our mini review is dedicated to them.

  • increased size and strength of the chair;
  • most models have “4-D” armrests, i.e. are regulated in four planes;
  • all models have a multifunctional attachment mechanism, with a different angle rocking function.
  • aggressive color scheme, which makes DXracer not suitable for every home or office interior;
  • quite high DXracer price: starting from 600 dollars.


We should pay particular attention to the DXracer outlook: stylish, powerful and aggressive, like the best sport cars seats. DXracer upholstery is made of PVC and PU artificial leather, which is resistant to deformations and easy to care for. The typical DXRacer set includes two pillows for the neck and waist support (they are also made of artificial leather).


A Dxracer King series gaming chair features a wide aluminum basis with enlarged wheels. Such construction elements as 5-point aluminum chair cross, painted with a special wear-resistant enamel in black matte color and plastic overlays on the cross with special embossing allow you to position your feet conveniently. This DXracer chair is designed for long and comfortable work in an office or hard online struggles.

Sentinel series of DXRacer gaming chairs – the choice of the best

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACERIn addition to the challenging appearance and anatomical design, the Sentinel Dxracer gaming chairs are characterized by a number of other advantages.

  • This Dxracer is designed for people whose weight is up to 158 kilograms
  • A backrest (due to DXRacer extra height and size) is comfortable for people whose height is around 195 centimeters.
  • DXRacer lightweight steel construction does not look reliable. Nevertheless, the use of only high-tech materials makes it possible to increase the weight limits and arrange a comfortable fit for a gamer of any weight.


Like any other Dxracer chairs representative, the outlook of the latter leaves no one indifferent. The variety of DXracer upholstering colors will gracefully fit into your playing area or office. The design of the DXRacer Sentinel model echoes the form of sports or business cars’ seat and is easily recognizable by its aggressive shapes.


The DXRacer Sentinel chair has a powerful base, which is made of aluminum for lightness. This is really powerful chair for strong men! The updated design of the backrest and seat base, which can withstand up to 159 kilograms of load, provides a unique level of chair durability. DXRacer chair ergonomics allows you to sit comfortably in it for 8 hours or more.

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACER

DXracer Iron Series – powerful armchairs for strong men!

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACERThis is another representative of the Dxracer gaming chairs with an increased weight limit. We have prepared a mini review of its best elements.

  • a DXRacer I-series model is of truly unique quality – it has successfully passed a 72-parameter test;
  • a hydraulic module is manufactured in Germany and complies with the SGS standards;
  • maximum load is 181 kg.
  • The bigger size chart and weight limit required the construction reliability increase, which entailed a slight weight growth.


The DXRacer Iron chair features a wide seat and a metal frame in the base. The DXracer provides a lifetime warranty for it. Wheels (made of durable polyurethane) are rubberized, which makes it possible to use a chair on the floor with any coating. A Recaro-style high backrest perfectly supports the back and waist. Adjustable backrest angle from 90 to 135 degrees allows you to rest while breaks. Wide sidewalls provide extra lateral support in necessary position. The base-cross was created by a special team of DXRacer engineers and can withstand a weight of more than a ton.


The key element of the Dxracer gaming chairs exterior is the effect of presence in a racing car. The materials of the cover, aluminum parts and adjusting elements will not let you remain indifferent. The artificial leather upholstery is resistant to wiping and easy to care for. The set includes two pillows made of artificial leather, for neck and waist support.

DXracer Classic and Boss Series – simplicity and style

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACERExternally similar Classic and Boss DXracers series differ in size, armrests design and bearing capacity.

  • Classic DXracer(models starting with OH / C …): weight limit up to 136 kg, armrests 3-D, backrest angle up to 135 degrees.
  • Boss DXracer (models starting with OH / B …): weight limit up to 204 kg, armrests 4-D, backrest angle up to 120 degrees.
  • Quite a high price – about 600 dollars.


The Dxracer chair for office usage follows modern automotive seats’ style. Boss dimensions are a few centimeters larger than the Classic DXRacer. High Recaro-style backrest perfectly supports waist. A special anatomical bending of the backrest and built-in headrest effectively support user’s back.

DXracer Boss series is made with a soft, pleasant Vinyl coating. It is a high-quality modern material that is used in the automotive industry, resistant to deformations and easy to care for .


The Dxracer is equipped with a swing Multiblock mechanism with the possibility of tilting the seat and fixing the chair in 4 positions. The height of the seat is adjustable and fixed by a European standard gaslift mechanism. The softness of the swing is regulated by the pivoting mechanism.

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACER

DXracer Work Series – for cool employees

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACERThe DXracer Work series is suitable for customers whose height is up to 180 centimeters and weight is up to 100 kg. An important difference of the model is a sitting depth of 57 centimeters. This is one of the most “deep” landings in the model range. And it also has three-inch wheels.

  • 3D armrests;
  • hard aluminum base;
  • a powerful adjusting mechanism.
  • Not found.


Like any other representative of the Dxracer family, it looks amazing. The color scheme will perfectly fit into your playing area or study room.


The wheels are rubberized, which makes it possible to use the chair on the floor with any coating.

DXracer Tank Series – reliable as an armored car

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACERThe Dxracer Tank series features the biggest gaming chairs for big guys.

  • Armrests, seat and cross bigger in size chart by 20-30% compared to other series;
  • weight limit is also bigger: up to 227 kg;
  • suitable user height is bigger than 200 centimeters!
  • High durability of the structure caused a slight increase in the weight of the chair.


This Dxracer gaming chair series includes only four upholstery colors – orange, ivory, green and blue.


The belts fix pads for the waist and head support. On the base of the cross, there is a plastic pad for comfortable foot support. The chair is made of steel and leather, which distinguishes it from other office chairs.

DXracer Elite Series – for real connoisseurs.

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACERElite Series DXracer chairs are a relatively new idea of the company, positioned for the office segment. Unlike other manufacturers’ armchairs, this chair has a metal frame and a high density foam.

  • 3-D Armrests (adjustable in three directions);
  • inclined backrest up to 135 degrees;
  • high quality eco-leather.
  • Disadvantages


Upholstery made of excellent material, head restraints, adjustment of all parts – everything is designed for customer’s comfort. Such an armchair will be a real decoration not only for the gaming room but for the office as well, because it highlights the status of the owner.


The DXRacer backrest is comfortably adjusted, and it helps to maintain a smooth spine if it is reclined. The armrest is also adjustable in height, and this allows you to modify the overall design to suit the gamer’s height.

SeriesRecommended Body TypesWeight Capacity
Height Limit
Recommended HeightRecommended Weight 
WorkSlim, Average, Athletic220 lbs6'1''5'8''-6''185 lbs
Check Price
ClassicSlim, Average, Athletic,Above average300 lbs6'5'10''-5'11''250 lbs Check Price
BossAthletic,Above average450 lbs6'4''6'-6'2''400 lbs Check Price
EliteSlim, Average180 lbs5'9''5'7''150 lbs Check Price
IronSlim, Average, Athletic275 lbs6'2''5'9-6'1'' 250lbs Check Price
DriftingSlim,Average200 lbs5'10''5'9''170 lbs Check Price


There is no unambiguous answer on the issue which DXracer to choose. What can be said definitely, so that a suitable DXracer model can be selected for almost any pocket. Our personal pick is the Sentinel series. This version is a true-gamer choice. The ratio of quality and price is also pleasing because DXracer Sentinel chairs regularly costs from only $ 350.

DXracer-Formula-Series-300x300 Unique reviews of gaming armchairs DXRACER

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