Has NXIVM been taking lessons from Scientology?

Ex-confidant of founder says group scanned fiscal records of six federal judges, Schumer and others Albany Times Union By Brendan J. Lyons Sunday, September 20, 2015 Albany A former close confidant of Keith Raniere, founder of the NXIVM corporation, claims top officials in the secretive organization used a Canadian investigative firm … Continue reading

MITT = Lifespring = Cult

I guess we could call this one a third generation Scientology clone. Lifespring was founded in 1974, was a private, for-profit, New Age/Human Potential training company by John Hanley Sr., Robert White, Randy Revell, and Charlene Afremow. These four had previously worked with and studied under Werner Erhard, the founder … Continue reading


THE PREDATORY GOSPEL OF CHINA’S MOST POPULAR MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER [embedit snippet=”wcw2″] BY CHRISTOPHER BEAM After the dancing on chairs, the group massages, and “The Final Countdown” techno-remix warm-up music, I barely noticed when Chen Anzhi, China’s top motivational speaker, finally came onstage. For what felt like the first time since … Continue reading

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