Scientology And The Hell Of Disconnection

Scientology "Org"

Today, the ”church” of Scientology exists through intimidation, bullying and outright psychological terrorism of its remaining members. “Disconnection is the severance of all ties between a Scientologist and a friend, colleague, or family member deemed to be antagonistic towards Scientology. The practice of disconnection is a form of shunning.  Among Scientologists, … Continue reading

Twelve Tribes Cult Raided In France

View taken on 21 November 2006 at the Navarrenx Sus mansion that houses the community " Tabitha 's Place " which is considered a cult by the Parliamentary Commission on cults. GUILLAUME BONNAUD / AFP

Ten people were taken into custody Tuesday night after a major police operation conducted in Sus, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in the premises of the sectarian community Tabitha’s Place. “The activities of this community are the subject of a judicial inquiry that I opened in March 2014 as a result of … Continue reading

Con Man Creflo Dollar Is Going To Get His $65M Jet

Rip-off reverend Creflo Dollar

By Steve Siebold You may have heard the story a few months ago about an Atlanta-based minister who claimed he needed a $65 million private jet so he could “safely and swiftly share the Good News of the Gospel worldwide.” But almost as quickly as Pastor Creflo Dollar asked his 200,000 … Continue reading

Twin Sisters, Former Children of God Members

Flor and Tamar Edwards.  Former member of the Children of God cult. Photo courtesy ABC News

Please click the donate button and make a donation so that we can continue and expand our work.  Thank you. By REENA NINAN, JACKIE POU, HANA KARAR and LAUREN EFFRON Most childhoods are filled with bike riding, eating pizza or going to the movies, but twins Flor and Tamar Edwards, both 34, have been discovering … Continue reading

The Making of a Cult Member

Scientology symbol

It is really very simple.  And there are Universal laws that apply. Do you remember the old stories about Vampires and Demons?  You know whether your windows and doors are opened or closed, they can’t come in unless you give them permission. So you say, “Fine, I’ll never give them … Continue reading


Scientology Amsterdam

by Janene Van Jaarsveldt Youth Alderman Simone Kukenheim is very concerned about the revelations made by the VARA program Rambam about the Amsterdam Church of Scientology. “If the media reports are correct, I find it very disturbing”, the alderman said to AT5. Journalist Rinke Verkerk infiltrated the Amsterdam Church of … Continue reading

Scientology mission in Dublin is €173,000 in the red.

They will have to start begging on the street corners.

Revenues slump at the​ Church of Scientology Paul O’Donoghue The Irish branch of the controversial Church of Scientology is being kept afloat with loans from abroad after seeing its revenues plummet over the last number of years. According to new accounts filed for the organisation, the Church of Scientology Mission … Continue reading

Cece Marie Smith takes on Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs

My friend Cece is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it any more! Announcement: to Church of Scientology WUS Office of Special Affairs and your staff member Jack Kruchko: July 2013 you both coxed my daughter Sandra Kruchko and my son Jeremy Benedict to cut off all … Continue reading

Cults become a perversion of commerce


By Luke Johnson Rather than sell products that people choose to buy, it can be easier to bamboozle the vulnerable George Orwell once wrote: “I have always thought there might be a lot of cash in starting a new religion.” Over the years a number of entrepreneurs have clearly listened to the … Continue reading

MITT = Lifespring = Cult

I guess we could call this one a third generation Scientology clone. Lifespring was founded in 1974, was a private, for-profit, New Age/Human Potential training company by John Hanley Sr., Robert White, Randy Revell, and Charlene Afremow. These four had previously worked with and studied under Werner Erhard, the founder … Continue reading

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