Cece Marie Smith takes on Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs

My friend Cece is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it any more! Announcement: to Church of Scientology WUS Office of Special Affairs and your staff member Jack Kruchko: July 2013 you both coxed my daughter Sandra Kruchko and my son Jeremy Benedict to cut off all … Continue reading

Cults become a perversion of commerce


By Luke Johnson Rather than sell products that people choose to buy, it can be easier to bamboozle the vulnerable George Orwell once wrote: “I have always thought there might be a lot of cash in starting a new religion.” Over the years a number of entrepreneurs have clearly listened to the … Continue reading

MITT = Lifespring = Cult

I guess we could call this one a third generation Scientology clone. Lifespring was founded in 1974, was a private, for-profit, New Age/Human Potential training company by John Hanley Sr., Robert White, Randy Revell, and Charlene Afremow. These four had previously worked with and studied under Werner Erhard, the founder … Continue reading

Silly Scientology

In order to ask the court to order sanctions against attorney Kennan Dandar in the Kyle Brennan case, Scientology attorneys had to provide documents that Dandar had indeed violated an agreement he had been forced to sign in the

The Raelians want to build the embassy in Canada

If Canada allows this, every kook cult is going to want to move their headquarters there. MONDAY, JUNE 02, 2014 The Raelians are hoping to get an official embassy in Canada. Representatives from the International Raelian Movement in Canada plan to official file paperwork this week to ask the federal … Continue reading

L. Ron Hubbard – The Great Educator

  Those still in thrall of L. Ron Hubbard are still convinced that he was a prolific student as well as a great educator.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Hubbard lied about his education just like he lied about many other parts of his life.  Scientologists cannot find … Continue reading

Scientology – The Truth About Xenu

Still don’t believe that Xenu is an integral part of the Scientology belief system. Here is is Hubbard’s own writing from the OT data. Data (1) (1) The head of the Galactic Confederation (76 planets around xenu larger stars visible from here) (founded 95,000,000 yrs ago, very space opera) solved … Continue reading

Aleister Crowley-The Foundation of Scientology


Read it before you glorify it… The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley III; 55 “Let Mary inviolate be torn upon wheels: for her sake let all chaste women be utterly despised among you!” III; 12 “Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child… Continue reading

More questions for David Miscavige

Sir, I know how busy you are but there are just a couple more questions that I forgot to ask you yesterday and they are probably the most important so that the general public understands you. Recent pictures show that you are aging gracefully, sort of like a game show … Continue reading

Dear Mr. Miscavige – A couple of questions

Dear Sir, if you would take just a few moments out of your busy day to answer a few questions, I am sure that the world-at-large would understand you better and leave you alone.  For a while at least. First, if the Scientology technology worked the way Mr. Hubbard said … Continue reading

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