Scientology And The Hell Of Disconnection

Scientology "Org"

Today, the ”church” of Scientology exists through intimidation, bullying and outright psychological terrorism of its remaining members. “Disconnection is the severance of all ties between a Scientologist and a friend, colleague, or family member deemed to be antagonistic towards Scientology. The practice of disconnection is a form of shunning.  Among Scientologists, … Continue reading

Twelve Tribes Cult Raided In France

View taken on 21 November 2006 at the Navarrenx Sus mansion that houses the community " Tabitha 's Place " which is considered a cult by the Parliamentary Commission on cults. GUILLAUME BONNAUD / AFP

Ten people were taken into custody Tuesday night after a major police operation conducted in Sus, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in the premises of the sectarian community Tabitha’s Place. “The activities of this community are the subject of a judicial inquiry that I opened in March 2014 as a result of … Continue reading

Oppressive Rules of the Twelve Tribes Community

Elbert Eugene Spriggs - Founder of the Twelve Tribes Cult

Written by an ex member. 1. The community member is not allowed to think for him/herself. In the cult you are expected to just blindly follow what the leaders (“shepherds”) say and all of the members do. I asked a leader once if they ever agree to disagree but love … Continue reading

Twin Sisters, Former Children of God Members

Flor and Tamar Edwards.  Former member of the Children of God cult. Photo courtesy ABC News

Please click the donate button and make a donation so that we can continue and expand our work.  Thank you. By REENA NINAN, JACKIE POU, HANA KARAR and LAUREN EFFRON Most childhoods are filled with bike riding, eating pizza or going to the movies, but twins Flor and Tamar Edwards, both 34, have been discovering … Continue reading


Josh Duggar admitted to sexually abusing underage girls multiple times while he was a teenager. It is also known that his sisters were among the victims.

This site is reader supported. Please click the donate button and make a donation to help our cause. BY KAITLIN SNOW Originally published in Vivid&Brave Josh Duggar admitted to sexually abusing underage girls multiple times while he was a teenager. It is also known that his sisters were among the victims. … Continue reading

The Making of a Cult Member

Scientology symbol

It is really very simple.  And there are Universal laws that apply. Do you remember the old stories about Vampires and Demons?  You know whether your windows and doors are opened or closed, they can’t come in unless you give them permission. So you say, “Fine, I’ll never give them … Continue reading


Scientology Amsterdam

by Janene Van Jaarsveldt Youth Alderman Simone Kukenheim is very concerned about the revelations made by the VARA program Rambam about the Amsterdam Church of Scientology. “If the media reports are correct, I find it very disturbing”, the alderman said to AT5. Journalist Rinke Verkerk infiltrated the Amsterdam Church of … Continue reading

In Light Of Child Sex Abuse Cover ups, Is Chabad A Cult?

Manny Waks

By Melissa Davey When he was 18 years old, Manny Waks turned his back on life within the Orthodox sect of Judaism known as Chabad. But the effects on his life remain profound. Now 38, Waks is still unable to read a novel, so dictated was his childhood by religious texts. … Continue reading

Sexually enslaving kids: A Muslim-world problem

She is not alone.

If you thought the terrible sex slave scandal in the English city of Rotherham was an exception you’d be sadly wrong. Muslim groups all over the world have been committing similar atrocities, ignored by mainstream media. As shocking as the Muslim-run sex ring in Rotherham, England, may seem to some—1,400 … Continue reading

Scientology mission in Dublin is €173,000 in the red.

They will have to start begging on the street corners.

Revenues slump at the​ Church of Scientology Paul O’Donoghue The Irish branch of the controversial Church of Scientology is being kept afloat with loans from abroad after seeing its revenues plummet over the last number of years. According to new accounts filed for the organisation, the Church of Scientology Mission … Continue reading

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