This is the way Jehovah’s Witnesses treat victims of child sexual abuse

Early Watchtower Cover

Early Watchtower Cover

Convicted pedophile allowed to grill his victims at Jehovah’s Witness meeting
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By Chris Osuh

Women who complained that former Jehovah’s Witness elder Jonathan Rose, 40, had molested them as children relived their nightmares in front of him after he was released from jail
A convicted pedophile grilled his traumatized victims about their ordeals in a series of meetings organised by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Women who complained that former Jehovah’s Witness elder Jonathan Rose, 40, had molested them as children relived their nightmares in front of him after he was released from jail.

In October, the MEN reported how Rose was jailed for nine months for abusing two little girls, one aged five, another aged 10, at the Jehovah’s Witness congregation he belonged to.

The two victims came forward after a third woman, who Rose had previously been acquitted of molesting as a teenager, branded him a ‘pedo’ on Facebook.

Rose, of New Moston, was released early from jail in March.

The three complainants were told if they wanted him barred from the church they would have to recount their ordeal before elders.

Rose was even allowed to ask the women about the abuse he was jailed for – as eight elders looked on.

A source, who asked not to be named, told the MEN: “Before each meeting the women were read a scripture on false witnesses and told to consider it carefully. They had to go through the abuse in detail and were asked if they encouraged it. One of the victims was asked if she had enjoyed it.

“At the third meeting Rose was present. He questioned the women in detail about the abuse with no one stepping in to stop bullying as would happen in court.

“The victims had already done this in court, which elders attended. But even though it was very distressing they bravely went through it again. They were told that unless they did, he would not be disfellowshipped.”

It’s understood Rose was finally ‘disfellowshipped’ after complaints to the police and Charity Commission.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses do not deny the meetings took place, but say Rose is ‘no longer’ a Jehovah’s Witness, or allowed to ‘share in activities’.

They said no-one would be ‘forced’ to confront an ‘alleged perpetrator’, adding that victims were supported with ‘spiritual shepherding’, with members’ welfare of ‘paramount concern’.

A spokesman’s statement said: “You ask about allowing individuals such as Mr Rose to attend our congregation meetings. As our congregations are places of public worship, they are open to the public. Nevertheless, elders will always comply with restrictions imposed by the courts or police on offenders’ movements.

“When a Jehovah’s Witness is accused of child abuse, local congregation elders are expected to investigate. If a victim wishes to address a matter, this can be done directly or in writing.

“No victims are forced to attend a meeting or confront an alleged perpetrator of child abuse. Of course it may not be possible to handle a matter in the congregation until the authorities have completed their investigations or if the person is incarcerated. Jehovah’s Witnesses certainly do not condone child abuse.

“Child abuse is abhorrent.”


4 thoughts on “This is the way Jehovah’s Witnesses treat victims of child sexual abuse

  1. This case is typical of the jehovah witness handling the pedoaphilia that plague this cult . Not only the elders give protection to sex offenders by the watchtower” two witness rule” in case of child rapes , the way they handle and treat the victimes is horendous and a crime against the God they call “jehovah” . They are not better than my own ancestors in the time of the prophetes Ezechiel , Jeremiah , Isaiah , the jehovah’s witness organization is just like “Dathan Kora and Abiram the rebellious ones in the time of Moses, their hands is full of blood of the many innocents victimes of pedoaphiles predators among their members … Jeremiah 2 :34-35 ” .Also the blood of the souls of the innocent poor is found in your skirts. You did not find them breaking in; but it is because of all these things.
    35″Yet you said, ‘I am innocent. Surely his anger has turned away from me.’ “Behold, I will judge you, because you say, ‘I have not sinned.” The jehovah’s witness cult and their leaders have never learned the lessons and the warnings given in the Bible., and they are completely “illegitimate ” concerning God’s covenants . Their Jehovah is simply Baal and Kemosh ;;; they worship with the same resultes….. The israelites at least were in the mosaic covenant … Yahweh did not spare them …. the massive destruction of the israelites nation and Jerusalem in 587 BC and 70 CE is a warning for corrupted organized religions and cults . Curse by Yahweh is the organization of jehovah’s witness , and their members that shut the “eyes and ears of their hearts and their consciences “, they will reap their own wikeness …..

  2. I want to say I don’t have words but the truth is I would be banned if I use them. Sexual abuse of a child deserves death for the degenerate whom abuses. Rose will abuse again because we don’t have laws in place to stop him for good and all.

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