Youth pastor Thaddeus MacMoran convicted

Thaddeus Stephen MacMoran

Thaddeus Stephen MacMoran

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March 2, 2013
Thaddeus Stephen MacMoran, 27, was tried in Mecklenburg County Superior Court for statutory sex offense of a person 13, 14 or 15 years old, crime against nature, and four counts of taking indecent liberties with a child.

After a three-day trial, the jury returned verdicts of guilty on all counts Thursday.

The Honorable Forrest D. Bridges, Superior Court Judge, sentenced MacMoran to 222-276 months in prison, according to the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office.

Judge Bridges also ordered that, upon his release from prison, MacMoran must register as a sex offender and enroll in satellite-based monitoring for the rest of his life.

MacMoran met the victim at a church where MacMoran was serving as a youth pastor.

The original story that caught my eye was:

Youth pastor Thaddeus MacMoran convicted (via

My inbox is full of stories. I did not even hear of the arrest of youth pastor Thaddeus Stephen MacMoran. He apparently molested a young teen. MacMoran was a student ministry volunteer with the Lake Forest Church teen ministry. But a spokesperson for…

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5 thoughts on “Youth pastor Thaddeus MacMoran convicted

  1. Thad, was never employed as a youth pastor, and the church, where me met the victim barred him from being involved with teenagers, because he refused direction to not have unaccountable contact with the students.

  2. My apologies if there is a duplication of this reply.

    The article seems to reflect that Lake Forest claims the crimes occurred before the guy showed up there as a volunteer, at some other church where the guy was working as a youth minister.

    I checked a couple of other sources and gave up looking for the church where the alleged crimes occurred.

  3. The article appears to claim the Lake Forest Church claims the crimes occurred somewhere else, before he wound up at Lake Forest.

    I checked a couple of other sources and gave up trying to figure out the church where the crimes were supposed to have occurred and where the guy was supposedly working as a youth minister.

  4. One of my pet peeves is where the media reports on stories like that, involving specific, local churches, and then don’t tell you what church is the one that is related to the story.

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